Timeless hues and modern designs with new woven vinyl flooring range

by Tania Wannenburg
Timeless hues and modern designs with new woven vinyl flooring range

Athena Woven Vinyl is the new offering from Van Dyck.One of the leading flooring suppliers in South Africa, Van Dyck Carpets, just launched the Athena Woven Vinyl tile range. The collection is inspired by Athena, Greek goddess of arts and crafts and master of weaving, and incorporates a blend of timeless hues and modern designs. Athena Woven Vinyl consists of intricately woven strands of PVC, forming highly visual, futuristic designs, which combine extreme durability and comfort, whilst exploring the boundaries of flooring design.

The collection is available in 50 x 50cm tiles with various other shapes and sizes including triangles, hexagons and ‘wings’, or full roles available on request as a make-to-order and subject to minimum quantities and lead times. It enables a practical, design-led approach for both commercial and domestic installations. The 3D texture across several weaves gives designers maximum flexibility with regards to creative options, including tessellation and an unlimited number of colour options.

The weaves and colours are easy to mix and match to create high impact and unique flooring designs. Besides domestic applications, Athena Woven Vinyl is also ideal for commercial installations such as offices, restaurants, hotels, department stores and even some outdoor areas.

The two ranges that Van Dyck has in stock in South Africa are Klassikos and Zoiros. Klassikos comes in 50 x 50cm tiles and is 3mm thick. It offers flexibility in design, encompassing 3D texture across several weaves and tones, ensuring a practical and exciting flooring solution for any commercial area. Klassikos is available in warm earthy tones and there are 10 colours on offer. Zoiros, which is the Greek word for ‘vibrant’, comes in 50cm x 50cm tiles and with a thickness of 3mm. The same weave is used to design this range and these very strong and vibrant colours which are ideal to mix and match and can also be combined and mixed with the Klassikos range to create colourful spots. Van Dyck offers 7 of these colourful tiles.

Athena Woven Vinyl is very easy to clean. A standard vacuum cleaner will remove most dust and particles, while spot cleaning will take care of any ground in dirt.

So there is no doubt that Athena is the ideal floorcovering for any commercial or residential area that is looking for an innovative, practical and durable designer’s floor.

For more information, contact Van Dyck Carpets on +27 (31) 913 3800 via www.vandyckcarpets.com.

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