Tiling over tiles at Mercedes-Benz

by Madelein
Tiling over tiles at Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Centre Menlyn including the AMG showroom were recently refurbished with TAL products. The 3 500m² dealership is part of the thriving Menlyn precinct in Pretoria and the revamped showrooms play a key role in the noteworthy automobile district.

As the dealership’s doors remained open during the refurbishment project, the decision was made to tile over the existing tiles. This plan led to both time and cost savings because the project team didn’t have to remove existing floor coverings There would therefore be less dust and rubble on site and a quicker installation of the new flooring system overall.

Surface preparation
The project team first identified and removing all cracked, damaged and hollow-sounding tiles as any flaws will reflect in the new installation. These areas were then repaired before the existing tiled surface was cleaned. A primer slurry coat consisting of TAL Keymix powder primer and TAL Keycoat was applied to the existing layer of tiles before installing the new 600mm x 600mm black porcelain tiles. As a substrate, tiles are a dense and impervious surface and as such need to be primed to ensure a long-lasting tiling installation. The main contractor for the project was GD Irons and the tiling contractor was Exquisite Tiling, a TAL Registered Tiler.

Movement joints
Maintaining existing or establishing new movement joints, which extend all the way to the substrate, is vital in a tile to tile installation, says TAL Technical Advice Supervisor, Sharon Margon.

“In the event of a failure in the tiling installation, both layers would need to be removed at considerable inconvenience and cost. As the new tile formats and layout in this installation did not match the existing tiles, careful attention was paid to cutting new movement joints through both layers of tiles,” says Sharon.

Adhesive system
Adhesive and grout systems with enhanced strength and flexibility are required for car showrooms because of the extreme service conditions, such as shear force exerted on the tiles from the turning of car tyres, and direct sunlight shining in from the large glass shopfronts, that the floor must handle. It is for this reason that TAL Bond, a modified latex-based additive was used as a total water replacement in the adhesive and grout mix. This together with the priming system and careful placement of tile panel movement joints, ensure the integrity and longevity of the installation.

TAL Goldstar 6 rapid-setting tile adhesive and TAL Goldstar 12 quick-setting tile adhesive were used to install the new tiles in the showrooms, offices, bathrooms and kitchen of the dealership. As a result of the superior workmanship on the project and correct use of the TAL tile to tile system, this project qualified for the TAL 10 Year Warranty.

For more information, contact Tal on Tel: +27 (11) 206 9700 or via www.tal.co.za.

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