Tiles to last a lifetime

by Darren
Ceramic Industries tiles to last Jnl 4 16

Performance, maintenance and cost efficiency make tiles of all ranges the ideal flooring option.

There is an overwhelming selection of flooring options available when finishing residential or commercial spaces. Ceramic Tiles, however, offer distinct advantages over most of the alternatives: for four significant reasons: longevity, health, maintenance and cost effectiveness.

If installed and cared for correctly, porcelain and ceramic tiles will easily outlast most alternate floorcoverings. Most tiles offer high scratch resistance and are not damaged by household and commercial use.

Designs based on natural stone, marble and wood looks have a timeless elegance that allow peace of mind that the tiles laid will be fashionable and durable. An important criterion when choosing flooring is cost efficiency and value for money. “In a Life Cycle Cost Analysis, tiles outperformed most other flooring types, including hardwood, laminate, carpet and concrete,” says Lance Foxcroft, CEO of Ceramic Industries.

Tiles are also an excellent choice to ensure healthy air quality within a building. In addition, ceramic tiles are inhospitable to dust mites and mould, making them an ideal choice for those with allergies or asthma.

Tiles are also quick and easy to clean and maintain. Tiles are stain resistant to most household chemicals and even sticky spills like glue or chewing gum are easily removed.

An added bonus of tiles is their relatively low environmental impact, particularly those produced in modern, efficient plants such as Ceramic Industries’ Gryphon factory. With so many advantages, tiles are a wise choice for any flooring project. In fact, the only challenge one might have is choosing your favourite from the many tile designs available today.

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