Tiles, stone, new surfaces and more from Revestir 2021

by Ofentse Sefolo
Tiles, stone, new surfaces and more from Revestir 2021

This year, in addition to being 100% digital, Expo Revestir also innovated by taking the fair literally into the homes of visitors, with more than 700 products from 60 exhibitors modelled in 3D for an experience in augmented reality: Innovative technology that allows the interaction of the virtual world with the real.

Expo Revestir marked by good content and knowledge

In addition to major launches by the industry, it is in the DNA of Expo Revestir to present knowledge through the International Forum of Architecture, Design and Construction (FIAC). This year, through interactions with partners and exhibitors, they brought together 68 events, high-level speakers and an agenda that included themes such as design, management and trends.

The Pritzker winner, Frenchman Christian de Portzamparc, was the centre of attention as he took visitors through his works scattered across both hemispheres.

Join us for a look at a collection of the most tantalising products, materials and trends from this year’s Revestir.



1. Castelatto: Collections inspired by vernacular architecture
Inspired by vernacular architecture, Castelatto’s new triple-R themed range rescues, rethinks and reassigns that the brand’s collections are composed of several new ranges.

Pau a Pique (120 x 50cm), in Terracotta and Sertão colours, which recreates the construction technique known as taipa de mão, is seen alongside more dramatic versions. The Pedra Puglia (100 x 50cm), inspired by the charms of Puglia and named Moledo, is available in several sizes, with stand-out colours with names referencing Puglia, such as Marfim, Cinza Chumbo and Marrom. Beautiful patterns such as Cepp di Gré, Travertino Gold and Antique Patina have also been created to compliment the range.

2. Cerâmica Elizabeth presents the Reconecte-se collection
Cerâmica Elizabeth brings the architecture and design trends to the fore in their latest Reconecte-se collection, which highlights the success of its large-format portfolio in sizes from 62,5 x 125cm and 7 x 26cm, including interpretations of materials such as cement, wood and the traditional marble.

Nobile Gris porcelain tile (62,5 x 125cm) interprets the Italian Armani marble, with a polished finish, highlighted by soft white veins, with options in bronze and soft nude colours.

Taking inspiration from Italy is its Fior di Bosco porcelain tile (101 x 101cm), which refers to the characteristics of Tuscan architecture, in polished, satin or rustic finishes for indoor and outdoor environments.

Cerâmica Elizabeth
Nina Martinelli

3. Nina Martinelli: Celebration of nature, lively design and beauty
Colours, textures and shapes from nature that reflect the environment, awaken the most genuine sensations of belonging, warmth and comfort in the collections presented by the Nina Martinelli brand.

Also among the Nina Martinelli products were 3D cementitious coverings, ceramic bricks with the brick facets highlighted, as consecrated items in the portfolio of the brand. This new brick range includes Colezione Brick, Cerâmica Natural, Formare, Colore, Ampliato, Essenza Bianca and Essenza Natura.

Elemental Revestimentos – Photo: Tarso Figueira

4. Elemental Revestimentos Especiais: Rocks that bring visual movement and beauty
Inviting environments, aesthetics and modernity are among the highlights of the new lines. Stone Line coatings (with pieces of various sizes and textures, pre-assembled in plates with dimensions of 620 x 420mm), aim to build inviting environments with a retro look. The tones combine perfectly in environments with natural or artificial lighting.

Elemental also brings Oxi Mosaic, reproducing the details of oxidised rocks and clay, which recreates handmade walls. Travertino reedits the qualities of marble, offering sophistication and elegance. The coating is available in shades of cream, white, blue, green, brown and grey, which is customisable to both external and internal applications.


5. Pormade launches doors in Pantone colours of the year
Aware of world colour trends, Pormade presented lacquered doors, bringing creativity and personalised style to the consumer’s doorstep.

Pantone Ultimate Gray + Pantone Illuminating, which represent strength and positivity, are the colours of the year, where the striking and vibrant colour reflects a message of positivity backed by strength and morale. The Pormade lacquered door collections have PET, a high-quality coating that ensures greater uniformity of the chosen colour.

6. Mosarte presents its iconic collections
Mosarte embarked on a six-month immersion to discover the nuances behind the creation and personality of its five most iconic products: Versalhes, Niterói Legno, Pétlas, Fiji and Clarity.

With the advice of astrologer Hugo Leonardo da Silva, the brand assembled the detailed astrological chart for each collection and based on these studies, special reinterpretations were created to commemorate the 25th anniversary.

In addition to this special edition, Mosarte launched two new raw materials and a series of new mosaics designs.


7. Roca Cerámica: New lines evoke the essential
The highlight of Roca’s collections this year, is their SuperFormato range. Rock derived from quartz, which has been cut transversely with sizes of 120 x 120cm and 120 x 250cm, brings new concrete textures to contemporary architecture in both a Micro Crystal and Satin finish, in Concrete Greige and Off White.

In addition, their Koronis range varies in sizes ranging from 60 x 120cm, 120 x 120cm, 100 x 200cm and 120 x 250 cm. It features the purest white, which demonstrates Roca Cerámica’s technological capability of producing a large 100% white piece.

Finally, Calacatta Light (120 x 120cm and 120 x 250cm) reproduces classic marble using HD printing technology.

Roca Cerámica

8. Portobello: Unique compositions and collection signed by Italian designer Paola Navone
For walls and surface applications, the brand launched its new Via Durini line. The delicacy of the surface balances the strength of the material and renews the options for indoor environments. It is available in four shades, both in the 90 x 90cm size and the 90 x 270cm exclusive for walls.

The Segments line, which invites the touch and surprises every possibility with a jewelled marble look, is available in Calacatta (30 x 90cm), suitable for internal walls with a super-matte finish.

9. Apen Portas: Wide possibilities in doors and accessories
With several possibilities for personalisation and customisation, Apen Portas is a first-time Revestir participant, where they presented their strong brand positioning in the residential and commercial segments. The brand showcased its line of products, with minimalist features, which harmonises the market trends of engineering and architecture.

Their sliding, swivelling and pivoting doors meet the dimensional needs of various projects and function as an aesthetic element, adding beauty to the overall look when paired with other elements.

Apen Portas

10. Berneck launches the Nômade collection 2020/21 with eight new patterns
Berneck launched the Nômade collection 2020/21 with eight new patterns: Cacau, Denim, Griseo, Volakas, Mostrato, Solanum, Terrazza and Vert – all featuring new materials that aim to enhance comfort, design and well-being.

The new collection features the exclusive Micro finish for wood panels, an evolution of the textured finish, which offers a more pleasant touch and shine, over and above the technical advantages of easy cleaning and sanitation. This feature is incorporated in their Volakas, Mostrato, Terrazza and Verti range of patterns.


11. Eliane Revestimentos: Three-dimensional effects, minimalism and versatility
Eliane Revestimentos presented collections with strong selling points such as versatility, with products that can even be used to create furniture, minimalist spaces and optical effects.

The Stelar Collection, for example, was created for application in facades, floors, walls, countertops and furniture. With a 9mm thickness and in an 80 x 160cm format, the collection features Stelar Black and Stelar White.

The Matéria range can be installed on floors and furniture such as kitchen countertops, as it is resistant to heat, stains, acids and liquids. The colours range from white to grey and earthy tones such as Calcário, Areia, Terra, Titânio, Grafite, Carbono and Petróleo; and it comes in 80 x 80cm and 60 x 60cm.

The brand also launched the Minimum, State and Urbanite collections.

Eliane Revestimentos

12. Portinari: Mozart collection brings a wealth of nuances and delicate veins
The brand showcased their Mozart collection. With its name inspired by the influential Austrian composer of the classical period, the range awakens charm and sophistication. The richness of nuances and the soft grey shade are enhanced with delicate golden veins.

The pieces can be found in 80 x 160cm and 120 x 120cm formats, with polished and natural finishes, and are suitable for indoor environments such as bedrooms and kitchens. In its natural state, the tile can be used on covered balconies, inside shower boxes and areas with drains.


13. Decortiles: Large formats and millimetric thicknesses
Decortiles made maxi formats and millimetric thicknesses their focus at this year’s expo. Florence 12, a polished tile from the Arts Mob collection which was launched at the show, celebrates creativity and the power of imagination, with its dimensions of 162 x 324cm.

Natural patterns mimicked in their smallest details are achieved using high-definition printing. The porcelain tiles gain extra-large dimensions and thicknesses that further expand the possibilities of use: 12mm and 15mm.

Decortiles also introduced the Ágata collection, which refers to natural ornamental and therapeutic elements, interpreted in a minimalist and timeless manner. The range offers a totally neutral and versatile selection with the resistance and high performance characteristics of porcelain tiles. This year, the collection was reissued in the new 90 x 90cm format.


For more information, visit https://www.exporevestir.com.br/.

Main image: Eliane Revestimentos

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