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Tile shapes to inspire

Tile shapes

The wide variety of ceramic wall and floor tiles means that there is an infinite number of formats to use for achieving interiors imbued with originality and sophistication. This according to a presentation by the Tile of Spain companies at Cevisama 2024, where the latest innovations were displayed. 

By knowing how to play with the different shapes and sizes of ceramic tiles, any look can be achieved – from classic shapes such as squares and rectangles to hexagonal or triangular formats, or avant-garde designs with volume and relief. Each ceramic tile becomes a piece that perfectly combines design, functionality and creativity. 

Classics never fail 

Classics never fail. Adex, Habitat Pewter Glossy.

Rectangular and square pieces are classics that should always be kept in mind. Thanks to their modularity, they fit perfectly in all types of rooms and homes. Play with vertical, horizontal or diagonal placement, or mix tiles of different designs and colours to give each room an original and creative air. 

Minimal size 

Small pieces placed together in different matching hues, in either a matte or glossy finish, can achieve great optics. These mosaic pieces are often used to cover curved surfaces, to highlight a specific area, or to define and differentiate areas – giving a very distinguished and original style to the space. 

Original sizes. Realondam, Triangle Craft.

Original sizes 

Geometric formats such as hexagons or triangles stand out for their originality and aesthetic appeal. These tiles allow the creation of fascinating geometric patterns that capture the attention of those who see them. In addition, its arrangement in asymmetric compositions can provide a vibrant and visual energy that breaks with the conventional, multiplying the possibilities of making unique spaces. 

Adding a touch of relief 

Classics never fail. Da Vinci Ceramica, Gamma.


Tiles with original and subtle reliefs offer a tactile experience and exceptional aesthetics. Both floor and wall tiles that add texture and highlight surfaces, enrich spaces with elegance and sophistication, creating ambiances that captivate all the senses. 


Trends from Cevisama 2024 explore shapes to inspire.  


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