Tile fashions that inspire – A trend update from Revestir and Cevisama

by Tania Wannenburg

The latest tile trends from Revestir and Cevisama.

With a diversity of attractions, high-level content and trends, as well as a record number of attendees at Expo Revestir 2015, it is clear that the finishing sector is still intent on producing innovative and creative products and designs.

Showcasing the newest developments in technology and the latest design trends, the Cevisama Tile Fair in Valencia and Expo Revestir, held only about a month apart, again served to inspire professionals in the built environment to come up with imaginative and sustainable applications.

WALLS & ROOFS’ Zuerita Gouws was at Expo Revestir to personally experience the extended range of styles, shapes, colours and materials and to explore the emerging trends for this year and moving forward.

“Texture was everywhere,” she points out. “Although wood and stone are not new trends, but rather feature as part of other new ideas, it was striking how every wood, stone or brick finish so closely matches the real thing, not only in looks, but also in touch. Inspired by that which occurs naturally, designs and colours depicted raw finishes such as rust, natural wood grains, unfinished and even weathered timber.

“In terms of colour, most collections feature earthy and light neutral tones with splashes of bright tints here and there, especially when it comes to mosaic, patchwork and patterned tiles,” she says.

According to Gouws, unusual shapes and patterns were also very popular, often combined with 3D effects and special cuts to create eye-catching feature walls that encourage visual motion. Honeycomb layouts are still prevalent and are applied using combinations of different colours and eclectic patchwork themes.

These patchwork designs are often printed on large format tiles, mixing many different patterns and shapes on bigger sized tiles to create a mosaic feel. Printed tiles are gaining ground also featuring detailed designs, metallic outlines, artistic expressions and other graphics.

In addition, the flooring side especially showed a big focus on respect for nature with many alternative materials, such as the reuse of fluorescent glass lamps, TV screens, computer monitors, rubber and ceramic waste used in the manufacturing of floors and covers.

The following are headings, descriptions and captions for possible “trend blocks” – Ilze can layout as it fits, you don’t have to use all the photos or even all the headings (some of it overlaps and most is covered shortly in the main text.

Neutral luxury
Timeless classics, refined with simple textures, earthy and light tones as well as natural wood and stone finishes create elegant designs with pure and simple lines.
An elegant combination of classic, neutral colours with a touch of texture.
Courtesy Elaine

3D puzzle pieces
Combining unusual shapes and patterns with 3D effects, new collections display mazes of linking lines and jigsaw profiles, as well as cut-outs and cavities in wall tiles to create intriguing looks.

The new timber
While not a new trend, the wood grain look (and feel) continues to be popular with looks ranging from mixed timber boards, panel style wall-cladding, stripped pine effects as well as patchwork and parquet patterns.

Big on bricks
Closely resembling the real look and texture, brick tiles come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Wild spirit
Inspired by earth, timber, water, stone and metal in its most primitive appearances, this trend sees tiles manufactured from biomaterials, as well as effects such as oxidised metal, weathered wood and green walls.

Eclectic way
Mixing patterns, styles and eras, this trend often exudes splashes of colours that make for interesting focus walls or highlights.

Geometrical dreams
The hexagon tile trend is updated and enhanced through the use of multiple colours and mixed patterns.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Expo Revestir, Tile of Spain and Cevisama.

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