Tile décor from all over the world

by Zuerita
Tile décor from all over the world

Now in its 18th year of operation, Douglas Jones is supplying mosaics and tile décor to the South African market from more than twelve different countries all over the globe.
The past year has seen the company’s directors travelling extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Australia scouting for new, impressive and unique mosaics and tile décor pieces to bring to the Southern African market, and to keep abreast of the trends around the world.

“Douglas Jones will always strive to be the leaders of the mosaic industry and to continually import products that will inspire the construction industry to incorporate these products into each and every new build, be it commercial, industrial or residential,” says Kitty Douglas Jones.


Unique, fashionable decor
Established in 2000 with a clear mission of servicing what appeared to be a need in the ceramic tile business for more mosaic, décor and tile accent products, Douglas Jones imports products that mirror the taste of international interior design studios and architectural firms alike.

“Douglas Jones has always focussed on finding unique, fashionable and inspiring mosaic and decorative tiles since inception, and offers a uniquely South African production department. Better known as the Creative Assembly, our dedicated team of over 20 staff members concentrates on designing and creating bespoke patterns, fades and mixes for each and every client,” Douglas Jones adds.

“The only limitation we have come across is our clients’ imagination for us to recreate a masterpiece for them!”

To get a copy of the 2017 inspiReD catalogue, email kitty@douglasjones.co.za or visit www.douglasjones.co.za to see the latest offerings.

Douglas Jones
Tel: 021 706 7251
Website: www.douglasjones.co.za

Caption Main Picture: A beautiful nature-inspired pattern created with mosaic tiles.

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