It is your right to self-govern your own thoughts so you can live your life to its full potential. So says Grant Gavin, award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker and now published author of his first book, Thoughtonomy.

Grant Gavin, author of Thoughtonomy

Personal experience

His journey from a young business owner with no sales experience and zero confidence in his ability as a leader in a sales environment, to an award-winning industry leader in the largest residential real estate group in South Africa, global speaker and coach for salespeople and entrepreneurs, is a testament to his belief that life is a constant journey of personal discovery and growth. Gavin explains: “Remove your limiting decisions and beliefs so that you can start living a life of full potential.”

Principles of success

Gavin’s success is founded on the principles of giving, always investing in the success of others and inspiring through the power of storytelling. These come to life powerfully in the book Thoughtonomy, in which he discusses:

  • How your thoughts impact your behaviour and your results in life.
  • How your thoughts might not be serving you well right now.
  • How your thoughts may not even be your own.
  • Four simple, easy-to-understand steps to claim back the power of your mind.

Gavin’s message is simple: “You can change your life if you decide to invest in yourself.”

Issue: How can you live to your full potential?
Solution: Overcome a lifetime of conditioning and limiting beliefs to think for yourself. The book covers 4 points that helps you do just that.

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