Think long term

by Darren
think long term

For Swartland Windows and Doors, Think Long Term, is not just a slogan but a principle they use in every aspect of their business. “It guides us in everything that we do, from how we make our products to how we source our raw material. It even has an impact on the value we place on our relationships,” says Charl Jacobz, national marketing manager of Swartland. Their slogan not only drives their position in the market, but also incorporates the green theme in their business strategy to guide them in using environmental resources in a sustainable way.

In the forest 
Their commitment to sustainability is substantiated by giving preference to responsible loggers. “We monitor the harvesting process on site because with responsible management, wood is a renewable resource,” he says. 

In the factory
The company’s processes are focused on reducing waste. “Our innovative recycling system uses excess wood chips to fuel the boilers that kiln-dry our wood,” Jacobz says. “We also use a hi-tech air-management system that dramatically reduces emissions.”

In the home
According to Jacobz, their products are designed to improve a home’s thermal performance by keeping it warm or cool depending on the customer’s needs. “We’ve introduced double-glazed windows to the market. Independent tests have proved them to be one of the most energy-efficient windows in South Africa.”

Thicker wood sections, all-round rubber seals and two panes of glass with a space in between ensure increased thermal insulation and soundproofing, while imported German-engineered locking systems provide enhanced security. Jacobz is of the opinion that wood is an extremely efficient insulator and its carbon footprint is very small.

This is all part of Swartland’s commitment to preserving the environment. “This is an ongoing process and continually improves,” Jacobz concludes.  
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