Thermally efficient curtain wall system launched

by Tania Wannenburg
Thermally efficient curtain wall system Crealco WISPECO

Wispeco Aluminium has introduced the new CrealcoFacade 60, a flexible curtain wall system designed for local building conditions.

The Crealco Facade 60, a brand new, locally designed and extruded curtain wall system, is the latest addition to Wispeco Aluminium’s architectural product range.

The system is specifically designed for the South African building environment based on extensive home-grown experience, including many lessons learned from installing various international systems locally.

It’s in the assembly
The Facade 60’s thermally broken assembly is what makes the system different from other curtain wall systems. Its thermal efficiency properties, however, do not make the system more complicated to fabricate, which another main feature is setting it apart from other curtain wall systems. With pre-machining done off-site, much of the normal on-site assembly and installation issues are avoided.

Long-term efficiency
According to the Crealco Systems Department at Wispeco, the system was developed with energy efficiency on top of mind.

“With the ever increasing focus on reduced energy usage due to rising costs, it doesn’t make sense to produce systems which in five years’ time will negatively impact the actual running costs of the building. And while adding energy or thermal benefits into any aluminium system usually adds costs, the energy savings over the lifespan of the building, as well as the improved comfort levels achieved, far outweigh these costs”.

“By developing an energy-efficient system designed to compensate for South African building conditions during the installation, we hope to provide a ground-breaking solution that makes construction easier and more efficient, with all the long-term energy-efficiency benefits included”.

Tolerant to imperfections
In addition, the Crealco Facade 60 system is able to compensate for building inaccuracies, which means more on-site flexibility.

The Crealco Systems team points out that the biggest challenge in any curtain walling system is the integration of the system into the building structure, which is why it is extremely beneficial to use a system that permits variations in structure dimensions.

“A system that is manufactured off-site provides a very high level of accuracy to the aluminium framing, but is often unable to handle the reality of disparities on building sites,” Systems explains. “As a result a vast amount of time and effort is spent trying to achieve a perfect fit to an imperfect structure. Therefore the new system has compensation capability designed into it, enabling it to adjust and adapt to variations in building structure dimensions. It gives the near perfect results”.

With no complicated machining, the Crealco Facade 60 system allows for lower skill levels to be involved in the fabrication. A full suite of adjustable bracketing and compensation systems is also included to assist the installer with on-site fabrication.

The Crealco Facade 60 system can be utilised in various building or facade applications, and has been designed to offer flush glazing which will be available early 2016, as well as other aesthetic variations.

The Crealco Facade 60 curtain wall system is an exciting and cutting-edge product to be added to the Crealco product range. It is a remarkable, high-performance curtain wall system, providing manufacturers the flexibility to fabricate high-performance building solutions.

The Facade 60 is uniquely designed for the South African market, with outstanding thermal efficiency properties.

Introducing: Crealco Facade 60

•    Thermally efficient, thus reducing building costs.
•    Accommodates window and door inserts.
•    Designed for easy manufacturing.
•    All aluminium and hardware components are locally available.
•    Minimal machining required, due to pre-punched profiles.
•    Unique mullion jig to fit transoms.

•    Suitable for both single and double glazing.

Gaskets and seals
•    Locally available.
•    Inflex (EPDM equivalent).
•    Only three gaskets are required for both single and double glazing.

•    Available in a variety of popular architectural powder-coating colours and finishes.

•    Minimal fittings and hardware required.
•    Locally available.
•    Stainless steel fixings.

Wispeco Aluminium
Tel: 011 389 0053
Website: www.crealco.co.za

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