The world’s first recyclable event carpet

by Madelein
The world’s first recyclable event carpet

Recently, Beaulieu Flooring Solutions unveiled the very first recyclable event carpet. The carpet has been named “Rewind” and is 100% latex-free. It was crafted to assist the trade show and special events industries to embrace more sustainable, eco-friendly solutions going forward. This new event carpeting can be effortlessly recycled into a pure recyclate that can be re-used as a raw material for the injection moulding of new, high grade products.

Carpets which contain latex, as traditional carpet does, cannot be fully recycled. As a result, traditional carpet ends up in an incinerator or as landfill. Annually, more than 100 million square metres of carpet is manufactured for corridors, fair stands, entrance halls and other event spaces. In short, there has been a need for a more sustainable solution for a very long time.

Rewind is an event carpet comprised of 100% polyolefin, which means that not only is it recyclable, its production process is environmentally-friendly too. When compared to the production of traditional carpets, no water is used and gas consumption is cut by 83% when producing Rewind carpeting. Furthermore, this sustainable production process reduces total CO₂ emissions by 35%.

More than simply a product, Rewind is a concept that offers both economic and ecological advantages as part of a strategy centered on corporate social responsibility strategy.

Further product and collection details can be found at www.rewindcarpet.com.

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