Sustainability has been included throughout room2 Chiswick to enhance and protect the environment they operate in. The hard work has been done, with no compromises on quality or comfort, so you can stay there proud to be supporting the shift to a greener future.

Tackling climate change

From taking care of local communities to the global ones through tackling the world’s biggest threat, climate change, Chiswick is the first hotel company in the world to set a 100% net-zero carbon standard – from construction, operation and deconstruction of the building.

Sustainability in action


The sustainable initiatives include:

  • Entirely net-zero: Committed to only building and operating whole-life, net-zero hometels. The carbon emissions from construction and operation through the end of the building’s life are equal to zero.
  • Carbon rebalanced: room2 Chiswick is the first ho(me)tel to offset both operational and embodied carbon to zero, considering the full picture of their presence.
  • 89% more energy efficient: They will operate with less energy than a typical United Kingdom (UK) hotel.
  • Fully electric: The building runs only on electricity, thus no burning of fossil fuels.
  • Fuelled by renewables: All the energy needed to power the building comes from renewable green energy through solar panels and ground-source heat pumps.
Ultra low shower head
  • More pressure with less: Ultra-low-flow showers use 40% less water but have the full impact of a power shower.
  • Pump it: Pumps are used to heat and cool the building by extracting heat from the earth and drawing it into the heating and water system.
  • Sun power: Solar panels power about 5% of the annual energy demand.
Solar panels
  • Occupancy enabled lighting: Lighting and heating systems only work when someone is in the room.
  • Locally sourced: 100% of their furniture is manufactured with natural, recycled, reclaimed materials and FSC certified wood.
  • Jungle roof and bug hotel: The green roof promotes biodiversity, improves insulation and provides a home for insects and bugs.
Beehives on the roof
  • Blue roof: Under the green roof is a blue roof that catches and retains up to 50 000 litres of rainwater.
  • Zero waste: All waste is recycled or turned into energy.
  • Beehives: 75 000 bees are living on the roof, supporting biodiversity and making local honey.
  • Herb garden: Herbs from the courtyard garden.

For a tour of the world’s first whole life net-zero carbon hotel, room2 Chiswick, follow the YouTube link to see a sneak peek of all the sustainability features in the building:

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