Vinyl floors have specific needs and to understand the usage of sealants and sealers, note the following advice from Polyflor’s Sandy McLardy.

Q: When do you use a sealant or sealer and why is this important to understand?
Sandy: Sealants are not used with vinyl floors. A sealer is only used on a vinyl floor that has no factory applied polyurethane sealer. The best way to determine this is to obtain the maintenance regime from the manufacturer.

Q: Are their specific application methods?
Sandy: It is vital to read the full maintenance document. If it states that a sealer should be applied regularly, then the next step would be to determine if the area handles high traffic or not. If it is a high traffic area, then it would be advisable to strip and seal every six months. If not a heavy traffic area, then once a year would suffice.

The vinyl will show where the sealer is wearing in traffic areas, giving an answer to when to re-strip or not.

Q: Are their hard and fast rules for flooring products on vinyl floors?
Sandy: Never strip a polyurethane factory-applied sealer.

Q: What is the best vinyl floor sealer?
Sandy: We have a few manufacturers in South Africa. They all supply acrylic water-based sealers.

Q: What other specialist advice or knowledge can you share with our audience please?
Sandy: The best and only way to maintain your vinyl floor is regular sweeping and mopping as per the maintenance regime.

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