Futurist and entrepreneur Jason Drew of AgriProtein spoke about sustainability at the 2014 Southern Africa Readymix Association (Sarma) Conference.


The construction industry has a major role to play in contributing to a sustainable future, said futurist and entrepreneur Jason Drew of AgriProtein when addressing delegates and building professionals at the Southern Africa Readymix Association (Sarma) Conference, held on 13-14 August in Johannesburg.

“The sustainability revolution is upon us and the construction industry will need to find solutions to living in rapidly urbanising areas and cities. The way we use building materials such as readymix concrete will also have to change to meet new requirements and innovation will be needed to find new habitats for mankind,” said Drew.

Drew explained that there are a number of new technologies that are still in their relative infancies that are about to change the world as we know it. 3D printing is set to become mainstream and will allow us to print goods that were previously manufactured; computers will be able to program better than humans and nanotechnology were a few examples that he cited.

Living spaces are becoming overused
Drew told attendees that society is steadily depleting out stock of almost everything including fossil fuels, water and food. The spaces we live in are similarly becoming overused.

“In our cities we are running out of living space and infrastructure is becoming overused. This is one of the areas where readymix concrete and the construction industry can play a role in enabling people to live up – not out (high-rise instead of sprawling land use),” said Drew.

Taking the lead
Drew says he has become increasingly aware of the future and as a result some of his businesses provide solutions to the problems humans are facing (such as a business that focuses on feeding the chickens of the world).

“It is our sincere hope that others will follow and that the construction industry in South Africa will take the lead and look at innovative new ideas to address the future sustainability of our entire population,” concludes Drew.

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