More than 730 exhibitors provided an extraordinary variety of products at DOMOTEX 2023 – including many market leaders. One of the highlights was the creativity in the rugs category.

IPEK – A. Ipektchi GmbH & Co.KG: Everything except magic carpets

IPEK, exhibited its Iranian expertise with its immaculate range of hand-made Persian carpets. The family business is more than a century old and is one of the leading Turkish carpet producers. They offer fine carpets such as Tabris, Isfahan and Nain, to colourful nomadic carpets of the Gashgai or Lori and flat weaves such as Kelim Gashgai and Sumak Afshar.

The team has roughly 20 000 carpets and kilims in stock – ranging from new and contemporary to antique and authentic.


Tisca Austria GmbH: Poetry at your feet

In the four-country corner of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Tisca cultivates a great passion for the past 60 years: Hand-woven unique carpets created by skilled weavers.

Made by hand, the rugs grow slowly and embodies the skill and passion of the person who created it. Made according to the customer’s choice of materials, colours, designs and structures, old artisanship combined with modern design becomes a personal interpretation by the artist to create a unique product.

The rugs’, made from pure sheep’s wool, are durable and known for its longevity, and reversability, which are typical properties of rugs from the house of Tisca. It not only cosies up your living room, but regulates interior climate.

Tisca attaches great importance to tradition and draws on decades of experience and tried-and-tested techniques when weaving carpets. The Olbia collection, with 96 colours and 26 structures, along with the owner’s input, offers an infinite number of model variations for the individual living atmosphere.


Maurizio Battilossi: When art and craft inspire each other

With his new collection FADE, inspired by the colour fields of Mark Rothko, the Italian carpet designer, Maurizio Battilossi, transforms DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover into a vernissage.

Galleria Battilossi is a family business in the best sense of the word. With the active support of his sister, Marina, Maurizio , from Turin, dedicates himself to the fascinating world of hand-knotted carpets, characterising himself as follows: “My roots are in Turin and my heart beats in Asia, but my curiosity and desire for discovery know no bounds.

I used to dedicate myself only to antique textile art, but now I have broadened my vision to understand vintage rugs and textiles from all over the world. My contemporary rugs are the result of the combination of inspired, talented designers and the craftsmanship in this field, which is unique in Asia.”

Battilossi presented examples representing his constant quest to conquer new areas in the field of handmade carpets. For the FADE collection, Battilossi explored the relatively new weaving method called “hand-weaving”. 

In his quest for excellence, was ultimately driven to push the boundaries of this technique to achieve an exceptional result in terms of both appearance and quality. The rugs are made with exceptional care and the ends and edges are hand-cut to ensure perfection.

Inspired by Rothko’s colour fields and the Persian Mazandaran textile aesthetic, the FADE collection is the result of very high-quality, hand-spun wool dyed in spectacular shades.


S.U. RUGS Firmly based in reality

S.U. RUGS debuted at Domotex 2023. This Indian company specialises in sustainable, handmade carpets made from natural and recycled fibres.

Since its foundation 40 years ago, the company has made a name for itself as a manufacturer and exporter of handmade and sustainable carpets. Under the motto “Hands to Rugs”, the Indians make a positive contribution to a healthy ecosystem.

The carpets, always handmade, are made from a wide variety of natural fibres such as jute, cotton, wool, chenille, seaweed or sisal – sometimes woven, sometimes tufted and sometimes knotted. Recently, yarns made from recycled plastics have also been used for a long-lasting, meaningful new existence.

S.U. RUGS has clearly defined standards regarding labour and human rights as well as the protection of the environment. This is in addition to its own code of conduct, which aims to ensure that people involved in the manufacture of its products can work safely and under healthy working conditions and are treated with dignity and respect.


Verbatex: It does not have to be wool

Verbatex is a family-owned company based in Kortrijk, Belgium, showcasing the knowledge they have acquired over decades in the exciting niche market of viscose carpets

Viscose, a synthetic fibre derived from cellulose, is often referred to as artificial silk because of its velvety sheen highlighting details and giving carpets a graceful touch. Compared to silk, artificial fibre is particularly appealing because of its low price. Its properties are more like cotton, except that it is even softer and velvety to the touch.

Thanks to the lustre of the fibre and the excellent colour absorption of the material, Verbatex viscose carpets have a bright and fresh look.

Unlike many other manufactured fibres, viscose allows maximum colour penetration, as most of the polyester yarns are dope dyed.. By selectively dyeing individual viscose threads, designers can create a wide variety of products with decorative markings.

The viscose used at Verbatex comes from cellulose, which is produced by SFC from rapidly renewable wood as a contribution to the circular economy. By adding the colours to the viscose during fibre production (dope-dyed fibres), water and energy consumption is reduced, increasing the sustainability of the product.

In addition to pure viscose carpets, Verbatex also likes to combine viscose with other fibres in order to combine the advantages of each fibre. Other fibres used include regenerated cotton, wool, polyester and viscose chenille.

Each product is formulated with sustainable raw materials. They aim to minimise waste in the production process to ensure sustainability. Water usage is kept to a minimum, and cardboard, cut-offs, plastic, waste from carpets, etc. are sorted and collected for recycling.


Mc Three: Take three!

Mc Three, a specialist in machine-made carpets from Waregem in Belgium, wants to reposition itself as a creative carpet partner with new concepts, ideas and developments.

These carpets have excellent yarn quality and a unique look. They also produce yarns. Yarns made of wool and polyester; polypropylene plays an important role for the company in particular. The yarns made from these are 100% dyed, giving it a long-lasting colour.

Unlike natural fibres and some other plastics, polyester yarns do not absorb moisture and makes them stain-resistant, and adds to their hypoallergenic and hygienic properties.

Since Mc Three uses a lot of plastic, they pay special attention to sustainability. They cooperate with external specialists to ensure that the production itself meets the strictest environmental standards.

The newly introduced Mundo outdoor collection focuses on harmonious colour compositions in combination and a completely new design concept for outdoor carpets.

Mundo impresses with a very low height of only three millimetres pile, which makes it easy to use with the increasingly popular vacuum robots.

Boho Culture, on the other hand, brings a pop of colour to the dark season and inspires creative people due to its handmade Berber look. The polypropylene yarn used for Boho Culture also surprises with a wool-like structure.


Ragolle Rugs: Something new in Belgium

The West Flanders epicentre for machine-made carpets exhibited Ragolle Rugs, one of the leading manufacturers of jacquard-woven carpets..

Ragolle’s mission is to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality carpets with a unique identity. By combining state-of-the-art technologies and skills with genuine passion, the aim is to create long-term value and competitive advantages, both for the company itself and for its customers.

The aim is also to create an environment that motivates its employees to be the best in their jobs, going beyond purely financial objectives.

As such, Ragolle wants to become one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of carpets, offering a highly respected brand. The company is therefore committed to continuous improvements of industry standards.


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