The specialised way to clean facades

by Ofentse Sefolo
The specialised way to clean facades

The challenge: Restoring heritage buildings
When cleaning and repairing old buildings, especially historically significant ones, many of which are situated in our city centres, special care needs to be taken to preserve the building material and its original look.
“Since many of these heritage buildings were constructed with sandstone exteriors, a delicate process is required for cleaning – using normal high-pressure cleaning will almost surely damage the building façade,” stresses Nico van der Merwe from Ceilspray.

“It is therefore imperative to appoint professionals with the required knowledge, equipment and experience to get the job done.”

The solution: Specialised cleaning and know-how
Specifically developed for the purpose of cleaning heritage building exteriors with care, Ceilspray uses a special designed high-pressure system with nozzles that is easy on sandstone, but very effective in cleaning these surfaces.

“This specialised treatment is ideal for porous surfaces and includes the treatment of natural and synthetic stone as well as concrete and vinyl substrates,” Van der Merwe explains.

“With our system, old building facades, factory floors and under roof parking areas can easily and safely be cleaned and restored to their former glory.”

To find out more, contact Ceilspray.

Tel: 086 010 4544
Website: http://ceilspray.co.za

Caption Main Image: Ceilspray’s high-pressure system with a whisper wash nozzle is easy on old building exteriors, but very effective in cleaning these surfaces.

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