The smart way to design

by Tania Wannenburg
SmartStone Jnl 5 15

Discover all the ways in which various outdoor products can be used to create beautiful and lasting spaces.

Purchasing paving is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, the somewhat bewildering array of products and choices on offer in the marketplace today can create some confusion when one is faced with deciding what to buy.

For this reason, SmartStone has simplified the exercise with products that are versatile and diversified and that also allow for infinite creative design options.

SmartStone product shapes are modular and come in many ranges: pavers; cobbles; tiles; and cladding that all offer differing sizes, textures and colours. These can then be installed in combination with each other to create unique designs that fit in with individual property styles while concurrently improving the aesthetic appeal of a home.

Outside living areas can be created in a manner that is ideal for year-round entertainment or paths and driveways that match the home can be built with cobble stones.

Outdoor tiles are another option that results in a timeless sense of style while a garden can be given a facelift or an entirely new design can be created. SmartStone believe that their hardscape and wet-cast concrete landscape products turn vision into reality. Lastly, their range of wet-cast cladding provides clients with various design options to develop an authentic home experience that will create beautiful spaces and memories.

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