The role of moisture barriers

by Ofentse Sefolo
The role of moisture barriers

When installing moisture sensitive flooring such as vinyl, the use of moisture or vapour barriers as part of the screed has become standard practice. While these products achieve their goal of providing a moisture or vapour barrier, there are potential disadvantages that can slow down delivery of installations.

Vapour barriers typically comprise epoxy coatings which cure to a glossy, impregnable surface. The drawback of this is that these barriers make it difficult for cementitious self-levelling compounds to achieve consistently good adhesion or keying.

Moisture barriers are usually applied in two coats. To create a rougher surface to make it easier for the self-levelling products to gain purchase, historically, you applied a sprinkling silica sand or a slurry. A bonding agent such as BONDiTe was then applied to the second coat of moisture barrier before finally applying the self-levelling compound.

As any contractor will know, no progress can be made until the screed has cured. Each coat of moisture barrier or slurry must dry completely, as must the bonding agent. The fact that shorter drying times are highly desirable in moisture barriers led to the development of VAPORiTe, which has a very short drying time of 2 to 3 hours per coat.

iTe Products’ commitment to quality and innovation led the company to develop a new moisture barrier product with a new slurry, called VAPORiTe+Plus and iTe SLURRY. The latest moisture barrier technology has been incorporated into the product to further reduce vapour transmission rates for a more efficient barrier. The new product also offers accelerated curing times, which leads to enhanced productivity and reduced labour costs for flooring contractors.

iTe SLURRY is a pre-mixed polymer blend with particulate at ratios which yield ideal keying properties and quick drying times to speed up installation. It has been formulated to remove the need for a separate bonding agent, which again reduces the time commitment on each project.

For more information contact iTe Products on Tel: +27 (11) 864 4918 or via www.iteproducts.co.za.

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