Renico Plant Hire has expanded its fleet with Mercedes-Benz trucks due to their reliability and quality.

Renico Plant Hire, in order to remain one of the leading plant hire companies in the country, greatly depends on both competent people and reliable earthmoving machines. And for the last 17 years, Mercedes-Benz trucks have supported the company in honouring its pay-off line: “The right equipment, at the right time, at the right price.”

“Renico Plant Hire has been using Mercedes-Benz trucks since its inception in 1998. This was solidified in 2012, when Nico Kriek from Sandown Motors formed what has become a strong bond with us,” says the Renico Group’s managing director, Nico Louw.

“In our line of business, we not only need reliable people but also earthmoving machines that never tire, and this is why we look at Mercedes-Benz trucks to do what others cannot. Needless to say, it did not take much convincing for us to purchase 32 Mercedes-Benz Axor 2628/33 tippers recently,” adds Louw.

The  2628/33 chassis cabs are fitted with MBC 10m3 tipper bodies and their reliability enables Renico Plant Hire to efficiently attend to their high workload, as a result of being awarded eleven large-scale earthwork tenders.  

“Renico places a lot of value on the various relationships we have nurtured over the last few years. Naturally, Mercedes-Benz is one of our most important ones, as these vehicles allow us to continue being the best at what we do,” Louw states.

Fit for various sites
Apart from continuing to grow in Gauteng, winning large-scale tenders and contracts, Renico Plant Hire also operates in at least four other provinces around the country at any given time. Sites include big shopping centres and office developments, casino developments, highway upgrades, mining and various other building projects.

Large contracts are also undertaken, particularly by the Quarrying and Crushing Division, which was established in 2007. Over the years, the crushers and screens have played an important role in the development of sections of national highways as well as in the on-site conversion of waste materials from large demolition projects into reusable aggregates, making a vital recycling contribution to the environment.

A growing fleet
To cope with this growing demand, Renico Plant Hire’s fleet consists of over 300 pieces of large earthmoving equipment and tipper trucks that are deployed on various sites.

With the company’s recent acquisition of two Mercedes-Benz Axor 2628/33 chassis cabs, with brick truck bodies manufactured by Motor Body Constructions (MBC) and fitted with Palfinger cranes, the company’s use of these chassis cabs has now been extended beyond tipper trucks.

Mercedes-Benz trucks offer operators maximum uptime, and for Renico this means their vehicles spend as much time as possible getting the job done right wherever they are operating.

“In addition, our other partners have found them extremely easy to modify. MBC bodies have been building tipper and other bodies, including water tankers, for us since 2002 and they smile each time we bring a Mercedes-Benz truck to them, as they know exactly what to expect – quality,” says Louw.

Regular maintenance
“All our equipment undergoes maintenance on a regular basis within our well-equipped and well-staffed workshop. They are all run through a comprehensive checking process before being sent out to our customers or being used on site for contract work, thus ensuring a minimum of downtime.

“As a company that hires out equipment, we cannot afford to have a fleet that will let us down, which is why we chose to go with Mercedes-Benz trucks. We know that when they are hired out to various customers, they will render a most satisfactory service. This makes our customers come back to us over and over,” he concludes.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Limited
Tel: 012 673 6864

Benefits of Mercedes-Benz trucks as highlighted by Renico Plant Hire:
–    Reliable.
–    Can manage a high workload.
–    Can operate on various sites.
–    Easily customisable.
–    Minimum downtime.