The Revestir 2018 showroom

by Ofentse Sefolo
The Revestir 2018 showroom

WALLS & ROOFS in Africa once again brings you the latest in tile trends and developments, as seen at Expo Revestir 2018, an annual exhibition of coverings, sanitary ware and finishing materials held in Brazil in March.
This year’s show saw large-format tiles with millimetre thicknesses of about 6mm to 12mm, thanks to advances in technology. Other innovations include manufacturers using factory scrap and recyclable materials to avoid waste and the impact on the environment.

The Japanese influence was evident in many collections with Zen-type designs and room settings. Tiles inspired by nature or involving plants were also very popular.

Marble is still big and so are geometries, 3D reliefs, metallic, woods, concrete, faux mosaics and the typical Brazilian cobogós. Small formats also seem to make a comeback in different settings in both residential and commercial applications.

Here are some of the highlights:


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