There are two primary objectives when you are the owner of a commercial building: To maintain its value, and to generate revenue and earn a profit on your investment. A well-maintained building has greater value, whereas neglected maintenance tends to decrease the value of the property, the calibre of tenants and the rent they are likely to pay.  

Wall protection benefits 

A hygienic wall protection system, such as Gradus from Polyflor South Africa, provides a durable and protective layer that can be used in any interior environment. It is a cost-effective way to reduce maintenance costs and maintain the aesthetics of the building, as opposed to constantly repairing and painting walls every few years. 

Product options 

  • Gradus range of PVC-u wall protection profiles. 
  • Gradus PVCu corner guards are available in four options and offer superior protection against damage caused by wheeled traffic, such as trolleys and carts. 
  • Door protection products include face and edge guards, door frame and corner guards, kickplates and push plates. 
  • Gradus SureProtect Endure SPE15 PVC-u protective shield can work as a stand-alone product or in combination with other products. 

Savings calculation over a ten-year period 

Polyflor presents some interesting costs related to repairs and maintenance expenses over a ten-year period on walls, doors and corners. Using readily available paint calculators, the below cost comparison illustrates the savings possible through using Gradus products in three specific examples: 

  1. Repainting walls. 
  2. Painting of doors. 
  3. Fixing corners. 
Walls: The cost of painting walls (if the wall is painted once a year) R1 587.58 
Total cost over ten years: R15 876.75 
Gradus SureProtect Endure Sheets (1,5mm x 1,2mm x 2,44mm) R2 751.00 
Total saving over a ten-year period R13 124.75 
Doors: The cost of painting doors (if the door is painted once a year) R523.60 
Total cost over ten years: R5 236.00 
Gradus SureProtect Endure Sheets (1,5mm x 1,2mm x 2,44mm) (one sheet R2,751.00,00 = three doors) R917.00 
Total saving over a ten-year period R4 319.00 
Fixing corners: Cost of painting (if the wall is fixed once a year) R396.00 
Total cost over ten years: R3 960.00 
Gradus standard corner protector (90 degrees) 50mm x 50mm x 1,22m R303.00 
Total saving over a ten-year period R3 657.00 
*Pricing correct as in July 2023. 

Contact Polyflor SA for expert advice. Sole distributor for Gradus.
Tel: +27 11 609 3500 (speak to Blythe or Wendy)

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