The power of green

by Darren
The power of green

Stand 47 is a living example of a comfortable, upmarket house built with sustainable materials.

With a global approach to sustainability, multinational Saint-Gobain believes that through efficient building strategies, we can maximise both economic and environmental performance. Sharing one of the brand’s sustainability projects, marketing manager Kerry Henning wants people to know that building sustainably is not only energy efficient, it is also luxurious.

Sustainable construction is not only about the building – it is acknowledging that it is a living, breathing entity. It is how it makes the people who live there feel.

As a company, Saint-Gobain believes that sustainable habitat is within reach, and as such, they provide sustainable products and solutions to reduce a building’s impact on the environment, as well as improve its energy efficiency and occupants’ comfort.

Building Stand 47
“To best illustrate our commitment to this, we embarked on an extraordinary project that would best showcase and illustrate the effectiveness of our systems. Stand 47 saw the building of an energy-efficient home at Monaghan Farm and acts as a case study to demonstrate that housing in South Africa can be successfully executed using energy-efficient materials, while retaining the qualities of permanence and longevity associated with traditional homes,” Kerry says.

The home’s energising, eco-chic environment offers bright spaces, smart design and modern touches. Every element makes it a high-performance building where seamless sustainable practices reduce waste and conserve resources.

Upmarket and sustainable
In this day and age, homes can be upmarket and sustainable – the two should not be mutually exclusive. Stand 47 incorporates state-of-the-art materials that are warm to touch, absorb pollutants from the air, regulate the internal temperature (without mechanical heating or cooling) and contain sound within each room.

“Our products are designed for creating homes that engage our senses and are healthy environments in which to raise a family. This project creates awareness of alternative building methodologies, and showcases real solutions that can be applied to solving the housing and energy crisis in South Africa,” Kerry says.

Being energy-wise
Energy now more than ever needs to become the major focus. It is crucial to find materials that suit the environment, reducing costs and placing water use as a priority too. All too often people build the homes of their dreams, but can’t afford to live in them with rising energy costs. The turning point will come when people build wisely from the onset.

A useful tool developed by the IFC Worldbank Group, EDGE, encourages resource-efficient building growth by proving the business case for building green. From the design stage through to building certification, the EDGE tool empowers people to build sustainably.

“Saint-Gobain believes that the future of sustainable building in South Africa hinges on eco-innovative products being more affordable, easier to understand and governed by a universal standard. Sustainable building methodologies are here to stay and we are confident that South Africans are ready for this change, especially given our current energy crisis,” she says.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc
Tel: 0860 27 28 29
Website: www.gyproc.co.za; www.stand47.co.za

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