A roof is a long-term investment for a property owner. While metal roofs may currently be very trendy, concrete roof tiles offer several benefits that are sometimes overlooked. Willem Grové, marketing manager of BMI Coverland, shares some key information on the topic:  


 Concrete roof tiles are available in a range of profiles, finishes and colours, adding to the visual appeal of buildings. “Coupled with this, they are durable and get stronger with age, which reduces the need for maintenance,” Grové adds.  



 The easy installation of concrete tiles and the cost-effective replacement of broken tiles are obvious advantages of the product. It also offers good sound insulation against rain noise and storms versus other roofing materials.  


 When taking the roof timber, trusses and installation costs into account for the entire roof installation, concrete roof tiles are very cost-effective. Calculations show a cost difference of up to 30% in favour of installing a concrete tile roof. 

 This saving, together with downstream savings from lower maintenance costs and cost-effective repairs, ensures long-lasting benefits for property owners. “The savings can be used for upgrades to the interior of the home, or to upgrade to a premium tile offering and still have savings to bank,” says Grové. 


 Complete offering 

 A range of roofing components is available to optimise the functionality and durability of concrete roofs. These include interventions for thermal performance, moisture and dust barriers, dry-ridge systems, resistance to driving rain, even faster installations and waterproofing.   

Top tip: The overlooked benefits of concrete roof tiles include lower costs, ease of maintenance and sound insulation properties. 


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