When it comes to withstanding environmental onslaughts, nature knows best. Harvey Tiles’ natural stone-coated range of roof tiles are superior steel roof tiles coated with natural stone. The stone coating will not fade and never needs painting. It provides a naturally beautiful and durable barrier for decades of high-quality living. 

 The stone is immune to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and fading, as well as the effects of harsh weather conditions. In addition, due to precision engineering, gaps are eliminated to reduce dust and wind ingress. 


 It is suitable for new roofs as well as reroofing over existing steel roofs. 

 These lightweight tiles are available in: 

  • Harvey Thatch and Greystone® Shake Tile Profile. 
  • Harvey Midnight Black® Elite or Shake Tile Profile. 


 Through decades of ongoing research and development, the stone coating on Harvey stone-coated roof tiles can withstand high UV levels and the most adverse weather conditions. The small stone granules bonded to the tile surface result in a durable finish, which protects against extensive weathering such as high winds, pelting rain and hailstorms. 

 The result is a low-maintenance roof, without the inconvenience of fixing leaks or replacing broken tiles. Painting is eliminated due to the high-quality natural stone coating, available in Thatch, Greystone® and Midnight Black®. 

 Versatile for reroofing 

The roof tiles are also superb for reroofing, easily turning a house into a prize home in just two to three days. The profiles are designed to the highest technological global standards, ensuring strength, durability, good looks and easy handling. With the tile mass being so much lighter than conventional tiles in flexibility and manoeuvring, working with these tiles is much easier – not to mention the time and materials that are saved in the process. 

natural stone

 Strong on savings 

 The excellent weight-to-strength ratio means that, with these tiles, the investment is in the tiles and not in costly roof structures. 


The durable, steel-based tile can withstand the impact of most of the elements, including hailstorms.

20-year warranty 

 Harvey Roof Tiles are low on maintenance and have excellent functional benefits, offering a 20-year product warranty. 

 Fire rating 

When installed in accordance with the specifications, the tiles have an A-class fire rating.

Issue: A low-maintenance, durable roof tile. 

Solution: Superior steel roof tiles, coated with natural stone, which are weather-resistant, fire-resistant and never need painting. 


For more information, contact Harvey Roofing Products: 

Tel: +27 11 741 5600 

Email: info@hrp.co.za  

Website: www.harveyroofingproducts.co.za 

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