The LVT debate: Should you click it or stick it?

by Darren
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Traviata discusses whether interlocking Luxury Vinyl Tiles or glued down ones are your best bet.

Professionals in the built environment have differing opinions regarding Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT). The particular point of contention is whether glued down or interlocking LVT’s are your best bet.

A key element that often comes up during this debate is the issue of temperature variations in South Africa. Many of our homes aren’t insulated and there are large expanses of windows, sliding doors and open windows. The temperature variations between the seasons and even day and night results in imported products (which were designed for temperature controlled environments in North America and Europe) not always being well-suited to local conditions.

Key to the success of Traviata Flooring’s Traviloc ranges has been their long standing association with ONE manufacturer, an internationally acknowledged technology leader in vinyl flooring who came to South Africa to understand our country’s unique climate, challenges and local conditions before returning to formulate a product that would meet South African needs. Traviata has a proud success record in both commercial and residential sectors and none of its product lines have had to be withdrawn since entering the local market. Another key to this range’s success is Traviata’s insistence that their “approved” installers always stick to the rules when installing Traviloc.

Another topic that usually arises when LVT’s are discussed is whether or not they contain any harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals in LVT’s are typically associated with products containing recycled content. To ensure compliance, the South African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association (SAWLFA) now requires Corporate / Supplier members to submit all vinyl products for testing prior to them being listed. The Traviloc range from Traviata was the first to be submitted under this new requirement and results from the tests confirmed that the product consists of 100% virgin vinyl, contains no heavy metals, no Polybrominated Phenyls (PBB’s) and no toxic Phthalates.

Traviata’s Traviloc contains no harmful chemicals and the results from SAWLFA substantiate the product’s US “Floor Score” certification, declaring Traviloc suitable for use in Home, School and Work environments. In conclusion, South Africans can definitely “click it” if they are willing to source and install the right products.

For more information contact Traviata on Tel:  +27 (11) 453 0296 or via www.traviata.co.za.

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