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The latest interior

The 2015 Colour Forecast was recently launched at Decorex in Johannesburg.


Leading coatings manufacturer, Plascon, has been publishing their annual Colour Forecast for 15 years. The Plascon Colour Forecast gives customers as well as design professionals an inspiring snapshot of the global design, interior decoration and colour trends.

The 2015 Plascon Colour Forecast was conceptualised by Plascon together with international colour experts at Mix, and it is a blend of the latest trends both locally and internationally. This year’s publication was once again led by one of South Africa’s leading colour authorities, Anne Roselt.

Four themes, namely Urban Glow, Natural Balance, Vivid Expression and Tailor-Made, were the result of this years collaboration between the team of colour experts that produced the 2015 Plascon Colour Forecast, which was launched at Decorex Joburg at the beginning of August. Each theme expresses colour palette and décor direction as well as key trends.

The 2015 Forecast themes:

Urban Glow
Urban Glow is inspired by the sunrise and sunset over the cityscape, and it evokes the feeling of mystery and contemplation. Barely there pastel tones and dark shades are blended to create an enigmatic yet positive mood. The ethereal world is explored within an urban scene through influences such as ombre and diffused shades, layered colour and colour blocking.

Natural Balance
The trend for earth-inspired interiors is once again notable in the Natural Balance theme. Organic greens reflecting rugged forests, watercolour effects and metallic accents are used to create comfortable, soothing and tranquil interior spaces. Key influences include gloss sheens, worn finishes and rich colours.

Vivid Expression
Bright colours are used to celebrate excess and a world of abundance in the Vivid Expression theme. This theme reflects a decadent and high-spirited global culture through a combination of hot tropical hues and neutral organic shades. The vivid colours are complemented by a floral overload that inspires large-scale designs. Bold tones and playful applications are used to create rich and indulgent surface decorations. Mix-and-match design, colour clashing and artistic styles were the key influences for this theme.

Simple design is explored and valued in the Tailor-Made theme. Familiar objects and everyday materials are combined with warm neutrals, while evocative finishes such as metallics, concrete and marble enhance the overall effect through tactility and depth. The key influences of this quiet, luxury theme include comforting colours, textured finishes and hand-crafted items.

The 2015 Colour Forecast is available at the Plascon Inspired Colour stand at all leading hardware outlets: www.plasconspaces.co.za.

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