The latest in decorative concrete options

by Ofentse Sefolo
The latest in decorative concrete options

The Chryso Group’s range of concrete additives has been significantly enhanced and certain technologies have been added to a.b.e. Construction Chemical’s various markets since a well-known decorative concrete company became part of the group.

While decorative concrete solutions can raise the aesthetic value of both new projects and renovations, there are also a variety of options, such as stamped concrete, sanded-effect concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and luminescent concrete for new projects. The CHRYSO* DuraPrint process creates unique horizontal surfaces for stamped concrete in applications like pavements and playgrounds, resembling natural materials like stone, wood or paving stones.

Design professionals who want to make a concrete slab look like a continuous granite surface can consider CHRYSO GraniStab*, and CHRYSO ColorStab* to help achieve a stabilised sanded effect that is ideal for high traffic areas.

Luminescent concrete contains particles that glow brightly in the dark, which can help you achieve both safety and aesthetic goals. CHRYSO Lumin P and P+ can be used on pathways, pool sides and patios and the range of products includes coloured, pervious and shaped concrete solutions.

The company also offers a thinner alternative to stamped concrete called CHRYSO RenoPrint, which creates the appearance of natural materials but measures only 6-10mm thick. An even thinner coating of just 2mm is available with CHRYSO Texture Top* – suitable for esplanades, pavements, terraces and paths. The textured surface is placed over old concrete, is anti-slip and provides excellent mechanical resistance.

For more information, contact Chryso via www.za.chryso.com

*CHRYSO, GraniStab, Texture Top and ColorStab are all registered trademarks

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