The Variflex MOVEO and MOVEO Glass ranges of mobile acoustic partition systems marry transparency and sound insulation.

Modern architecture is characterised by simple, flexible and elegant transparency. With that, there is a basic requirement to use space efficiently and effectively in terms of both acoustics and aesthetic attributes.

Exclusively available through Aluglass Bautech, the Variflex MOVEO and MOVEO Glass ranges offer partition systems that enable multifunctional, yet open-plan spatial configuration. These systems harmoniously combine transparency with sound reduction values of up to 55 dB Weighted Reduction (Rw).

The MOVEO is a mobile acoustic partition system with opaque elements available in a wide variety of finishes, while the MOVEO Glass version comprises of transparent glass elements; both are Dorma Hüppe products.

Effective space utilisation
Offices, conference rooms, hotels, exhibition areas and other facilities that require flexible and efficient space utilisation can now be designed with multifunctional purposes in mind. With the combination of MOVEO and MOVEO Glass, these spaces can be easily modified and adapted to accommodate different occupant group sizes and changing requirements. A variety of layouts can be implemented, including room-in-room and room-corridor arrangements.

Engineering quiet since 1973
The operating system of the MOVEO ComforTronic, ensures speedy and safe deployment through the electronically controlled extension and retraction of the sealing strips.

The premium MOVEO ComfortDrive operating system, sound-insulating partition elements can be moved to their individually pre-programmed positions under full automatic control, and their stabilising profile seals extended and retracted as part of the same automatic system.

The MOVEO ranges are also adaptable in terms of design finishes and a wide array of materials can be marshalled to create quite stunning visual effects. These include:
•    Real wood veneers that can be ebonised, waxed, brushed or lime-washed.
•    Laminates and metallic finishes.
•    Granite fabric coverings and stainless steel inserts.
•    Acoustic, sheet steel and fibreglass surfaces.
•    Glass inserts, mirrors and textile coverings.

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MOVEO quick facts:
Sealed composite lightweight construction with acoustic core.
Optional extras available.
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) per ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

•    Element thickness: 100mm.
•    Element width: 600 – 1 250mm.
•    Clear height: 2 000 – 9 000mm.

•    Clear height: Up to 4 000mm.
•    Frame profile widths: Horizontal 118mm, vertical 30mm.
•    Double-glazing units made from toughened safety glass.

Sound insulation per EN 20140, laboratory values in Rw:
•    42/43dB Rw (44/45 dB STC) – 20kg/m².
•    49/50dB Rw (51/52 dB STC) – 30kg/m².
•    55dB Rw (58 dB STC) – 40kg/m².
•    MOVEO Glass 44 and 50dB Rw (46/52 dB STC) – 34 and 49kg/m² respectively.


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