The installer makes the retaining wall

by Ofentse Sefolo
The installer makes the retaining wall

“No matter how great the design and planning, the execution is just as important in producing a long-lasting and attractive retaining wall,” says Holger Rust, owner of Terraforce.
“An improperly built retaining wall may bulge, crack or lean, creating an eyesore and a headache for the property owner. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of using an experienced retaining wall installer, someone who is familiar with Terraforce blocks.”

In Dubai, for example, Terraforce recommends Sinan Awad from Al Aamal Construction, impressed with the installer’s impeccable finishes on projects.

The building site at Dubai Silicon Oasis, Lake Park, needed a pedestrian ramp and vertical boundary wall to connect an upper parking level with a new community park venue, lower down. The resulting cut and fill slopes were retained using Terraforce L16 blocks, manufactured locally by Consent LLC.

Dubai Silicon Oasis, Lake Park Client: DSO Architect: Khatib and Alami Main contractor: Proscape Subcontractor: Al Aamal Construction LLC

“We used precast foundations, 600mm wide and 150mm deep,” explains Awad. “For the vertical walls, we placed steel rebar every 900mm and concrete-filled the blocks, as well as horizontal steel bars, by cutting grooves into the second last row of the blocks for extra stability. The other walls were placed on a similar foundation, with geogrid every second layer and the first four rows concrete-filled.”

At the Blue Waters Island conference facility, Al Aamal Construction expertly installed Terraforce L16 rock face block walls to solve differences in building levels. “The blocks were installed using steel dowels embedded in the foundations, after which they were filled with concrete. The cutting of the blocks to accommodate sharp and right-angle corners in the wall design was a challenge, but the result was amazing,” says Awad.

In fact, based on the quality of the installation, the client has requested more Terraforce walls at other areas on site.

Tel: 021 465 1907
Website: www.terraforce.com

Main image: Blue Waters Island, Dubai
Client: Meraas
Engineer: LMS
Main contractor: Multiplex
Subcontractor: Al Aamal Construction

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