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The ins and outs of weatherproof skim coating

by Zuerita
The ins and outs of weatherproof skim coating

Until recently, skim coatings have only been an option for smoothing and finishing interior walls. This has placed massive limitations on the South African construction industry, especially when it comes to effectively binding the interior and exterior architectural elements of a building together.

Unfortunately, most skim coatings that have been available on the local market simply aren’t manufactured for exterior application. The fantastic news is that the introduction of DURALiTe from iTe Products, South Africa’s first weather-proof finishing skim coat, has changed this entirely.

DURALiTe is a cement-based skim coating developed for use on both interior and exterior walls. It promises an ultra-smooth aesthetic and has been developed to withstand the ravages of weather and in particular rain. The introduction of this revolutionary product also means that it’s easier than ever before to achieve a sense of architectural cohesion – now the same standard of flat and smooth finish can be achieved on internal and external walls. The cement-based coating can greatly simplify projects by allowing the roll-out of a single finish across all surfaces.

The skim coat can be applied over a wide range of surfaces, including raw and painted plaster and concrete.

Easy to use, affordable and effective
Along with the delivery of a flawless finish, DURALiTe is also easy to use, highly effective and also affordable. It allows for maximum adhesion even though the only mixing agent required is water. It’s a first-class choice for all sorts of surfaces, including both raw and painted plaster and concrete.

Furthermore, this new-age skim coating is endlessly flexible. Not only can it be sanded as needed, but it is also easy to paint over with light base colours thanks to its own versatile off-white shade.

DURALiTe is the cement-based skim coating to rely on for both interior and exterior surfaces when it comes to achieving a well-rounded aesthetic, maximum durability and versatility, as well as a reduced need for maintenance.

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