The ins and outs of cement wall finishes

by Tania Wannenburg
The ins and outs of cement

Cemcrete answers frequently asked questions about cement wall finishes.

When choosing finishes, it is best to make an informed decision and offering some insight into cement-based finishes, Cemcrete answers a couple of frequently asked questions:

Why are cement finishes so popular?
Cement finishes are timeless and they fit nicely into current trends as they are an adaptable, solid base. Cement finishes are the perfect example of a synergy between beauty, sustainability and economy, which will last the life of your home.

What are the installation challenges?
The installation process is not a quick or easy alternative to generic finishes such as paint or tiles. Cement-based finishes take time to apply, but as a result last a lifetime. Cemcrete products are hand-applied by specialised applicators, although the product may be the same, the movement of the trowel, the mixing ratio, the temperature of the day and the style of the contractor will all add to the individual flair of the final finish.

Is Cemcrete suitable for all areas?
Yes, Cemcrete can be used on all wall areas, interior and exterior, durable enough to withstand the African conditions. Bathroom walls can extend into the shower and even the bath, and in kitchens these finishes are easy to wipe up clean.

What colours, finishes and textures are available?
Cemcrete offers a range of smooth or textured natural colours with matt or gloss sealers. Trowel-on finishes can be further enhanced with various imprinting mats. The final outcome is natural mottling and subtle movement, and these finishes can look quite different on different sites.

What about maintenance?
Cement-based finishes are very easy to clean and maintain. A good quality sealer helps it to resist water, stains, dirt and abrasives. Since cement, by nature, is not flexible, hairline cracking is normal and adds to the natural look and feel.

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