The importance of product choice for infection control

by Ofentse Sefolo
The importance of product choice for infection control

The importance of the hospital environment in patient care has been widely recognised in infection prevention and control (IPC). Keeping hospitals and healthcare environments clean is not just about its aesthetics, but with the current pandemic the need for hygienic and easy-to-clean wall protection solutions in healthcare buildings has never been greater.

Additionally, healthcare buildings witness incredibly high levels of differing traffic, and never more so than at present, which can cause considerable damage and wear within a relatively short period of time.

All the above create challenges in the context of cleanliness and protection:
• Damaged building interiors, apart from looking unsightly, can be difficult to clean because bacteria can harbour in the cracks, which only deteriorate more over time.
• Each individual material in the built environment, such as surfaces and interior finishes, can foster or improve hygienic efforts for staff and patient safety. The products used within a healthcare building must be robust enough to endure rigorous cleaning regimes.
• Poorly protected or maintained interiors can also reduce the perception and confidence in the anticipated care provided within the facility. Psychologically this can have a profound impact and even prolong recovery.
• Repeatedly repairing or renewing interiors can incur significant costs, especially over the lifecycle of a building.

Solving hygiene challenges

Polyflor’s Gradus range of wall protection products are designed to work together to protect the many different facets of a building’s interior. Specifying an effective package of wall protection products can:
• Help reduce the levels of everyday damage to building interiors.
• Minimise the need for ongoing repair and maintenance.
• Reduce lifecycle costs and enhance the long-term appearance.

Understanding what is needed

A systematic, thorough needs analysis (based on this expected traffic) would need to be conducted for each section of a healthcare building.

The resulting specification needs to cater for the primary needs of protection but also consider other important needs such as colour coordination, aesthetics, way-finding and non-verbal communication. A reputable supplier should be able to assist you with a thorough needs’ analysis.

As such, healthcare buildings must assess their inbuilt cleanability to control infection as much as possible. Speak to one of our consultants about your specific needs today.

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