The importance of concrete repairs

by Ofentse Sefolo
The importance of concrete repairs

Although it is known for its strength and durability, over time concrete can deteriorate because of corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration or seismic activity.

Whatever the reason, these all necessitate concrete repairs. With many concrete structures serving life-supporting functions (think bridges and building roofs), these repairs require a solution that will effectively restore the integrity of all structures.

Mortar repairs
Years of research, coupled with more than 100 years of practical experience, have enabled Sika to develop a fully comprehensive product range that can effectively restore and rehabilitate concrete structures. From bonding primers, corrosion protection, repair and sealing mortars to steel reinforcement, Sika has the best solution for concrete repairs. MonoTop-412 NFG is the latest in their mortar repair range.

Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG differentiates itself as a one-component, polymer-modified, fibre-reinforced, low-shrinkage structural repair mortar, with Sika’s world-renowned Sika® FerroGard®-903 Plus corrosion inhibitor. Its properties include:

• It is a three-in-one advanced product solution.
• Has unique properties that allow it to be an excellent wet-spray mortar. This application method improves the compaction of the repair mortar and increases the application rate of the product.
• The wet-spray application method is a huge time saver, compared to the time-consuming trowelling method.
• Does not require a bonding primer, even when manually applied. It is a three-in-one advanced repair mortar, resulting in further time and money savings.
• It comes with an A1 fire rating and class R4 of EN 1504-3 standards.

Sika South Africa
Tel: +27 (31) 792 6500
Website: https://zaf.sika.com

Main image: Sika’s fully comprehensive product range was used at the Durban Heights Reservoir 3

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