Proper cleaning and facilities management is such a topical and contentious issue today.

Some of the issues being raised include lack of training, inefficiency, incorrect cleaning practices and incorrect product and use of product, amongst others.

In SA, there is generally very poor training and supervision of cleaning teams, resulting in ineffective cleaning and maintenance regimes that can sometimes even lead to long-term damage.

Floor maintenance and cleaning specification for PUR vinyl

A vinyl floor covering with PUR has a PUR (polyurethane) coating which is cross-linked and UV-cured. The PUR coating protects the floor covering by resisting soiling and scuffing.  This protection ensures that the intensity of the maintenance and overall cleaning costs are significantly reduced, with savings of up to 48% when compared with untreated vinyl flooring over a 20-year period.  PUR coated floors are usually recommended for heavy traffic flow areas.

PUR coating will ensure: 

  • dramatically improved durability and maintenance of appearance,
  • drastically reduced water and chemical use in the maintenance regime,
  • polish-free maintenance for life,

However, it is essential to adhere to an accurate and effective maintenance regime.

Follow this general guide which is recommended by both Polyflor and other highly regarded cleaning partners in the industry:

Daily maintenance

  1. Dust sweep with a disposable cloth system such as Masslinn® Tool and Masslinn® Cloths.
  2. Spot mop wet sticky dirt with a double/single bucket mopping unit with the correct dilution of neutral detergent such as *Proclean.
  3. For larger areas, wash the floor using an Automatic Scrubber-Drier, 3M Red Buffing Pad and low foam neutral detergent such as *Proslip. For a sheen finish, use a *Green Eco Brilliance Pad with clean water.
  4. To enhance the sheen finish further, burnish the floor with a *Green Eco Brilliance Pad.

Post installation & periodic cleaning

Step 1:

  • All dust, sand and stones must be removed prior to scrubbing. This can be done with either a vacuum cleaner or by sweeping with disposable cloths such Masslinn®.
  •  Scrub the floor using a solution of a neutral detergent such as *Proclean diluted according to manufacturer’s instructions, with a Low Speed Scrubber fitted with a 3M Blue Cleaner Pad. For detail work, use an edge cleaning tool with blue pad.

Step 2:

  • Vacuum the dirty *Proclean solution from the floor with a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner. The floor should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove any remaining chemical residue.
  • If no machine is available, remove the solution from the floor using a mop and mopping system. The water and mop must be changed frequently to remove as much chemical residue as possible from the floor.

Recommended products

Cleaning of equipment

  1. All equipment should be cleaned thoroughly after use.
  2. Pads should be rinsed or vacuumed depending on soiling.
  3. Single disc machines must be wiped with a damp cloth and disinfectant if needed.

Correct cleaning and maintenance of any floor is critical to its performance and longevity.

We highly recommend an effective barrier/entrance matting system to reduce the dirt tracked into the building.
Never use a Black Pad on a PUR floor as it will damage the PUR coating.

Contact Polyflor today for advice on an effective cleaning regime.

*All products mentioned are from the Industroclean range and any equivalent substitute will apply. Contact Industroclean at +27 11 801 4600, or

For more information contact Polyflor SA:
Tel: +27 11 609 3500 (speak to Blythe or Wendy)

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