While technology offers many benefits, an unfortunate and rather concerning side effect is that it has caused children to spend less time outdoors.

This phenomenon has been exacerbated by the worldwide lockdown, which makes it even more important to ensure that indoor spaces are as safe as possible. Therefore, an important consideration is to select safe wall and flooring materials – and responsible suppliers, such as Ceramic Industries. They manufacture a range of tiles with health benefits noteworthy of investigation for a number of reasons.

• Breathe freely
Some flooring solutions contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and there’s a risk that these gases are released into the air one breathes, even at room temperature. It’s of particular concern in spaces with children.

Exposure to some of the more dangerous VOCs, like formaldehyde, have been associated with cancer risk, as well as respiratory problems, headaches, damage to internal organs and skin disease.

Ceramic Industries’ tiles are made from naturally occurring clay, which is fired at extremely high temperatures. As a result, the final product is chemically inert, with no off-gassing of dangerous chemicals.

Hygienic and anti-bacterial
Porcelain and glazed tiles are extremely dense materials and possess surfaces that are inhospitable to the growth of bacteria. These surfaces are easy to clean so spills of almost any kind are simple to deal with.

Ceramic tiles themselves contain no allergens, and any allergens that happen to be in the environment – dust, pollen, dander – can’t penetrate the tile surface. This makes tiles an excellent hypo-allergenic choice.

• Safety first
Ceramic tiles are fire resistant, making them a great choice throughout our indoor spaces, especially in kitchens. Ceramic Industries also offers many tiles in its range with slip-resistant treatments for added safety.

Finally, Ceramic Industries’ ecologically responsible manufacturing methods and ceramic’s impressive longevity make their tiles a healthy choice for the environment.

For more information, contact Ceramic Industries:
Tel: +27 16 930 3600
Email: enquiries@ceramic.co.za
Website: www.ceramic.co.za

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