The green characteristics of cement finishes

by Ofentse Sefolo
The green characteristics of cement finishes

Cemcrete discusses the green attributes of cement and cement-based finishes. Cement is a widely used finish in the design and architecture industry, its long lifespan, durability and strength make it an obvious choice for many projects. Cemcrete is one of the leading manufacturers of cement-based decorative coatings and is proudly manufactured in South Africa, meaning less carbon emissions are expelled through unnecessary transportation.

Cement is green for a number of reasons, for example after a cement structure has been demolished, resultant pieces can be ground down to a powder form to create re-useable raw cement in its primary state. Smaller pieces can also be reused in various residential construction products. Cemcrete’s PolishCrete and Countertop mix can even incorporate small recycled aggregates to achieve a distinct and unique finish.

When deciding on a finish, one must consider not only the sustainability of the flooring solution but also the maintenance. Many products offer low maintenance but often need harmful chemicals to keep them looking fresh and new. Cemcrete’s finishes are non-hazardous and have a 0% VOC (volatile organic compounds) level. They also improve indoor air quality as they do not harbour allergens and bacteria when compared to other finishes such as carpeting, wood and stone.

Cement-based finishes are very easy to clean if they are installed and finished off with the correct sealer, thereby minimising the need to use a variety of soaps or harsh chemical cleaners. Cemcrete also offers a CreteCare range of maintenance products, making caring for your finish that much easier.

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