The colours that define our world

by Darren
The colours that define

The four key palettes in the world of colour for 2014 are . . .


The colour forecasts released by Plascon every year have been keeping South Africans abreast of global colour trends since 1999. It presents a snapshot of what is happening in the worlds of design and interior decoration, and interprets the most relevant and contemporary colours into easy-to-use, inspiring palettes for the local market.

This year’s forecast is no exception, and was developed in conjunction with leading design and trend thinkers. After first drawing together key lifestyle, design and interior trends, the concept team then crystallised these into four key themes for 2014. Under the overall theme of “Colour Nation”, they refer to the ways in which colour defines our identities, our world and our experience of it.

The 2014 key forecast themes are:

Urban Tribe is a response to the growing trend towards national pride – especially amongst BRICS nations. With countries such as South Africa and Brazil coming to the fore as global centres of design, their unique aesthetics are being showcased around the world. Urban Tribe expresses this with a warm and grounded palette of contemporary bright colours, plus gold and black accents.

Second Nature takes a new look at our relationship with the natural world. As more and more people live in cities, the urban environment becomes our key reference point, and combining this with the natural world becomes vital to keep our lives balanced. This sentiment is captured in a bright, vibrant palette of greens and blues, activated by a bright yellow accent.

Calm Contrast tracks the evolution of pastels in modern design, showing how they have moved on from being purely “feminine” colours. This palette shows the combination of classic pastels with grounding neutrals, plus dark blue and copper, creating a balanced, contemporary feeling.

Inner Space is inspired by the ways in which we use sanctuary environments to rest and reflect in a busy world. Drawing additional colour inspiration from the stars and skies above us to enhance the contemplative mood, the theme is expressed through a collection of neutrals and blues for a deep, tonal palette.

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