The colours of 2017

by Tania Wannenburg
The colours of 2017 PLASCON1

Be inspired by Plascon’s Colour Forecast 2017, which includes the Colour of the Year as well as four colour themes that represent the latest colour trends from around the globe.

Plascon’s Colour Forecast 2017 presents the latest colour trends from around the globe, grounded by an understanding of South African culture, style and environment.

According to Plascon’s Global Colour Manager, Anne Roselt, the four themes are inspired by people’s attraction for both the digital and natural worlds. She further predicts a more minimal approach to interiors. “Not that everything is going back to white,” she says. “It’s just that the use of colour is more pure and single-minded.”

Plascon’s Colour of the Year for 2017 is “In the Mood”, soft earthy neutral, very close to taupe. (Main photo)

The colours of 2017 PLASCON2The “Anonymous” colour palette combines light blue, green and pink with deep purple, blue and black. Metallic-inspired shades complete the look and add a sense of depth to the theme. This theme is about embracing simplicity and stripping back to the basics.

The colours of 2017 PLASCON4“Terrain” is an earthy theme, inspired by desert landscapes and colours that include oranges and yellows (used sparingly) balanced by warm neutrals and a mineral green and blue duo.

The colours of 2017 PLASCON3Inspired by digital art, the “Prism” colour story features layers of colour, and makes use of prism-inspired and scattered geometric effects on walls. This youthful and contemporary theme is all about having fun with interiors.

The colours of 2017 PLASCON5For a sophisticated neutral look, the “Pause” theme’s nuanced colour palette includes feminine blush shades as well as grey and blue-tinted updates on classic beiges. A metallic gold accent hints at luxury, while chalky colour treatments, as well as faded finishes and colour panels, add some texture.

For more information, visit www.plascon.co.za.

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