The clever way to connect pipes

by Tania Wannenburg
The clever way to connect VIEGA

Saving time and lowering the risk of fire, the Viega Megapress connects steel pipes with a press methodology.

With Viega’s Megapress technology, thick-walled steel pipes in nominal diameters of 15mm to 50mm can now be pressed within seconds. In fact, Viega claims that it can reduce the assembly time by up to 60% compared to traditional welding methods.

Welding, screwing and soldering pipe connections in building services such as heating and air-conditioning, sprinklers and fire protection, or compressed air and gas delivery, is not only time-consuming and laborious, but there is a risk of fire due to the open flame or sparks.

While cold-pressing pipes is a more economical and secure way to connect them, these processing advantages could not be exploited up to now when it came to thick-walled steel pipes in accordance with SANS 62 medium and heavy and ASTM Schedule 40, as the external diameter of the pipes exhibits considerable dimensional tolerances.

Viega has come up with a practical solution. A special profile-sealing element made of EPDM, a type of synthetic rubber, is now integrated into steel connectors made from material 1.0308 (St 37) with a zinc-nickel coating. In combination with a cutting ring, this ensures a durable, impermeable and friction-locked connection on the rough surface of black, galvanised, painted or epoxy resin-coated steel pipes.

Leak-free connections
In addition, Megapress connectors offer security against forced leakage in an unpressed state due to the SC-Contour. Inadvertently, unpressed connections become visible during the leakage test and can be pressed even when under pressure, sealing the connections permanently.

The press system is suitable for heating and cooling systems and for industrial applications up to 1 600kPa and temperatures up to 110°C.

Saving time
The time saving of pressing steel pipes is considerable. Depending on the external nominal bore (15mm to 50mm), Viega claims that this can be as much as 60% quicker than conventional connecting processes such as welding, clamping or screwing.
Practical and safe
Working with the Megapress system is not just more secure for the fitter or technician, but also does not require the same skills or effort as welding. Typical steel pipe installations for compressed air, industrial gases, fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems are often several metres high, positioned below ceiling slabs or roof trusses. Welding in inaccessible positions requires effort and can be dangerous. With Viega pressing tools, the connection can be pressed effortlessly above the fitter’s head.

Viega supplies the accessories in a practical case, which includes three press jaws (12mm to 25mm), three press rings for nominal diameters of 32mm to 50mm and hinged press jaws. This makes it possible to carry out press connections in restricted spaces.
Success proven
The system has verified its practicality on the United States (US) market, where steel connections produced in Viega’s Großheringen site in Germany have been extensively used for the past three years.
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