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by Darren
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Bamboo is known for being a strong and beautiful floorcovering; however, it does require certain treatments in order to maintain its performance attributes.

With the introduction of Bamboo X-treme, MOSO has developed a truly ecological and durable alternative to increasingly scarce tropical hardwood. MOSO uses a unique patented process to improve the hardness, dimensional stability, durability and fire safety of its bamboo product to a level superior to tropical hardwood species. Although Bamboo X-treme may be used in most outdoor applications, its current usage is primarily for decking and cladding, as well as outdoor furniture.

For centuries bamboo poles and components have been used outdoors. Unfortunately additional protective measures are needed to guarantee an acceptable lifetime. In dry circumstances poles will crack and the bamboo inner wood material, due to its high “sugar”-components, will be easily attacked by micro-organisms and fungi. Bamboo can be quickly and cost-efficiently replaced when sourced from the area where it originates, but in Western countries this is not an option. Hence the drive to find ways of using one of the fastest-growing plants on earth as an alternative for scarce hardwood species, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

With this challenge in mind, MOSO started to research and test various methods to protect bamboo in outdoor environments. Existing wood protection methods, which are often used by other bamboo suppliers, were unsatisfactory and did not perform to MOSO’s quality standards. Consequently, MOSO developed its own solution by modifying the density of the bamboo and combining this with a special heat treatment process, referred to as “density-thermo treatment”, to improve the durability and stability of the bamboo. In 2008 MOSO’s invention was registered internationally and in 2009 the relevant laboratory and practical tests were carried out, which proved the effectiveness of the density thermo-treatment (and currently the only efficient solution) to make bamboo suitable for outdoor applications. In 2014 the patent was registered in all European countries and several other countries worldwide.

Untreated bamboo has a durability class 5 rating (not durable) according to EN350. By modifying the bamboo with the density thermo-treatment, MOSO improves its product’s dimensional stability by almost 50%. Its durability is also improved to a class 1 (ENV807 class 1 – simulated graveyard test, EN113 class 1 according to EN350). The density-heat-treated bamboo is also well protected against superficial fungi (EN152, Class 0). This bamboo outdoor product achieves use/risk class 4 according to EN335, which means it can be used in direct water contact, direct earth contact and it does not need any additional treatment.

“MOSO Bamboo X-treme is the only bamboo decking in the world independently tested by European laboratories and certified to these European standards. The quality and suitability of this product for outdoor use is evident from the fact that to date nearly 2 million m2 of MOSO Bamboo X-treme decking has been installed in over 40 countries and diverse climates throughout the world. MOSO is thus justified in labelling its Bamboo X-treme ‘100% certified, 100% proven’,” says Andy Paige from MOSO Africa.

MOSO Bamboo X-treme has special symmetrical edges, making the boards reversible (choice of either a ribbed or flat surface) and allows for quick installation with MOSO fasteners. Like untreated hardwood outdoors, Bamboo X-treme will turn grey over time to create a very natural look. The end result is a beautiful, natural, innovative outdoor floorcovering that is both durable and visually appealing.

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