The benefits of external insulation systems

by Darren
The benefits of external

An external thermal insulation composite system is a thermally insulating, protective and decorative exterior cladding system. Read more now.


ETICS is the latest buzz-word in the design and development community. ETICS stands for external thermal insulation composite system and it is a thermally insulating, protective and decorative exterior cladding system.

External insulation has a long history of use throughout Europe and ETICS systems have been used on brick facades for the past 60 years. While these systems are still relatively new in South Africa, its popularity is growing rapidly.
An ETICS system consists of a series of engineered expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels, a re-inforced cement base coat and an acrylic resin bonded finishing plaster. Weber offers its own ETICS that also includes an insulation layer, which is protected by a weatherproof finish that is a specially formulated cement base coat and a decorative render. The R-value of Weber’s ETICS system far exceeds the requirements set out in SANS 204.
Decorative colour options
Weber’s Decorative Render is available in a variety of colours, sizes and textures that can also be matched to a specific swatch, giving architects more flexibility when it comes to matching exact colours that are needed. It is a ready-mix product which can be hand-trowelled or applied by machine projection onto the walls to save time.
In order to produce an even, flat-textured finish, the Decorative Renders are applied by trowel to an approximate thickness of 1-3mm and are Acrylic resin bonded based for waterproofing and durability.

Insulate your home the smart way
With rising electricity prices and an increased focus on sustainability, proper building insulation is a must. While building owners can’t control the ever increasing cost of energy, they can meaningfully reduce the amount of energy required to control the climate in homes and offices.

Correctly installed, Weber ETICS will reduce energy loss, increase the level of comfort for the homeowner and reduce their heating bills.
Weber EPS panels are fixed to the existing substrate such as brick, block or lightweight steel frame (LSF), using specialised fixings. Weber Base Coat with mesh reinforcement is applied onto the EPS. The final decorative render can be applied once the base coat is cured to achieve the desired aesthetic finishes.

Advantages of external insulation
External insulation might require a larger capital outlay, but it provides numerous benefits including the ability to improve the air tightness of a building, time savings as well as having the scope to substantially increase the thermal performance of a building.

External insulation systems can also further reduce construction costs, seeing as using the LSF structure onto external building facades also reduces the heavy design loads on the edge of slabs, which in turn can reduce the need for beams. Weber ETICS only weighs 60kg/m² as opposed to double brick work that weighs approximately 450kg/m², which can yield considerable savings.

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