The benefits of concrete roof tiles

by Ofentse Sefolo
The benefits of concrete roof tiles

According to BMI Coverland, the oldest and largest concrete roof tile manufacturer in Southern Africa, claims that concrete roof tiles are a great choice for any project because they are strong, durable, have lasting colour, boast good soundproofing properties and are very cost effective.

Cost comparison

“In an independent study, our top-of-the-range Elite tile was almost 3% cheaper and a Double Roman 8,6% on the same roof vs coated metal sheeting. It is important to note, however, that this includes the roof covering and structure, but excludes labour,” comments the team.

Beautiful and functional
The great news is that roof tiles also come in a wide range of unique shades, making them as beautiful as they are functional.

Coverland Tiles – Eastlands Estate

Along with concrete roof tiles, it is also worthwhile to consider investing in dry-ridge systems, which aid in reducing the risk of cracks and leaks which can inevitably cause significant damage to ceilings. BMI Coverland’s ventilating ridge systems involve a sealing compound that is simply rolled and stuck over a ridge baton and onto the tiles at the ridge line. The ridge tiles are then secured to this baton.

The difference is visible immediately, with a clean-looking ridge line that promises peace of mind when it comes to maximum protection against leaks, wind and dust, providing a long-term benefit at a manageable cost. With dry-ridge systems in combination with concrete tiles, contractors no longer need to worry about unsightly waterproofed ridge and hip lines developing that are a different colour to the roof.

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Concrete roof tiles boast a number of benefits including strength and superior soundproofing properties.

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