composite decking

Advanced composite decking from Eva-Last is engineered to reflect the natural beauty of wood without the maintenance. The company’s Apex Plus, Infinity and Eva-tech product ranges emulate the natural beauty and texture of timber, combined with the performance benefits of the latest advancements in composite technology.  

Composites defined 

Composites are manufactured materials that combine the technical characteristics of the materials to enhance the performance properties and improve resource efficiency, durability and sustainability.  

Recognising the outstanding sustainability credentials of bamboo, coupled with its superior performance characteristics, Eva-Last manufactures bamboo polymer composite (BPC) as opposed to wood plastic composite (WPC). 

composite decking

Apex Plus Reinforced, Capped Bamboo-PVC Composite decking offers many benefits, making it ideal for use in exterior installations.


Composites outperform traditional construction materials, such as timber, in the following ways: 

  • Reduced use of limited wood supplies, reducing deforestation. 
  • Inherent waterproof and inorganic properties of the product prevent degradation, destruction by pests and environmental exposure. 
  • Extra enhancements such as a glass-fibre reinforced core (GFR) in Apex Plus, ultraviolet (UV)-stabilisers and protective polymer wear-layers are added into the composite products to deliver unsurpassed structural and sustainable characteristics. 

BPC benefits 

  • An abundant and replenishable, reinforcing raw material. 
  • Bamboo fibre’s inherent tensile strength – the resistance to being pulled apart – is higher than steel’s and can withstand compression better than concrete. 
  • Natural thermal properties make it an ideal material for exterior installations. 
  • High-impact resistance and superior dimensional stability. 
  • Limited moisture absorption. 
  • Biological resistance to insect or environmental degradation. 
  • Longer lifespans mean less replacements. 
composite decking

Infinity Capped Bamboo Composite decking emulates the beauty and texture of timber, combined with the performance benefits of composite technology.


Eva-Last Bamboo Composite decking is available in popular patterns and colours. This, coupled with its sustainable features, make specifying the product on your next green building project a must.  


Eva-Last’s composite decking delivers on its promise of “Inspired by nature, designed for life”. 


For more information, contact Eva-Last: 

Tel: +27 10 593 9221 



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