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Large-format tiles have gained immense popularity in the world of interior design and architecture, offering a range of benefits that has contributed to their trending status.  

Typically described as tiles that are larger than 120mm x 600mm in dimension, large-format tiles are transforming spaces and redefining the way flooring and wall coverings are perceived. 

The technology to produce large-format tiles has improved drastically in recent years to give a variety of finishes (polished, matt, textured) and various colours and designs that can mimic natural stone. Large-format tiles are typically available in 6mm for cladding and 10mm to 20mm thickness for counter tops. 

big tiles

Large-format tiles often lean towards a sophisticated palette of neutral tones and earthy hues.


Making space 

One of the key advantages of large-format tiles is their ability to create a sense of spaciousness and continuity within a space. With fewer grout lines, these tiles provide a seamless look, making rooms appear larger and more open. This is particularly advantageous in smaller spaces, where the reduction of grout lines contributes to a cleaner, less cluttered aesthetic. 

Sophisticated palette 

The trending colours of large-format tiles often lean towards neutral tones and earthy hues. Shades such as soft greys, warm beiges and muted blues are popular choices, reflecting a contemporary and timeless appeal. These colours contribute to a sense of sophistication, provide a versatile backdrop for various interior design styles and allow for easy integration with different decor elements. 

big tiles

With fewer grout lines, the look is seamless, making rooms appear larger and more open.

Levelling up 

The installation of large-format tiles requires specialised tools and an experienced installer to deliver a high-quality finish. 

The use of self-levelling spacers has revolutionised the tiling process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. These spacers automatically adjust to create consistent grout lines and ensure a level surface, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and reducing the likelihood of uneven tiles.  

The seamless look, trending colours and incorporation of self-levelling spacers make large-format tiles a preferred choice in modern design. They offer a combination of style, functionality and ease of installation. As interior design trends continue to evolve, large-format tiles are likely to maintain their popularity, shaping the way people envision and experience their living spaces. 


Large-format tiles offer more than just good looks. They deliver a seamless aesthetic, a sophisticated palette and an innovative installation process. 


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