The beauty of inverted roof thermal insulation

by Darren
The beauty of inverted

Inverted roof systems and green roofs are a perfect fit for thermal insulation solutions using IsoBoard.


One of the ideal thermal insulation solutions using IsoBoard is the inverted roof, so-called because in this type of construction the thermal insulation is applied on the outside of the building above the waterproofing membrane, the reverse of what is commonly the case with flat concrete roof decks.

The value of this system is that the waterproofing membrane is protected from weathering and will last almost indefinitely. If the roof deck is used for parking or as an entertainment area, the waterproofing system is protected by the insulation, as well as the paving ballast.

In addition, the mass of the concrete slab is retained at internal temperature, protected by the insulation and unaffected by the sun, which maintains a stable and comfortable temperature in the rooms below. Uninsulated roof decks absorb heat during the day, releasing this into the rooms below as the day cools, causing uncomfortable living conditions from radiated heat well into the night.

Green roof systems are another area where IsoBoard inverted roof insulation is a perfect fit. The developing trend of green roofing, where roof gardens provide numerous advantages such as enabling the optimum use of urban space and gains far beyond the aesthetic, is expected to change cities and towns with benefits for peace, entertainment, productivity and even food security.

To install IsoBoard thermal insulation in an inverted roof system is a very simple process. The boards are laid on top of the completed waterproofing, and need to be restrained and protected with ballast to prevent flotation or wind uplift. The ballast can be gravel, or paving or screed if the roof is intended for human or vehicle traffic. Properly secured, the IsoBoard will last as long as the building, with no drop-off in the design thermal performance. This has been proven in actual installations.

The inverted roof system using IsoBoard XPS is assessed and approved by the South African Board of Agrement.

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