Bricks are a familiar and popular construction material, thanks to their many unique yet obvious characteristics. The warmth, robust nature, character and varied options make bricks a perfect finish. But beyond bricks’ obvious benefits, there have also been significant development in brick design in terms of functionality and aesthetics which creates a revival in brick facades and interiors.

The benefits of bricks

Brick is an environmentally friendly construction material that lasts almost forever – more than 100 years in fact! In contrast to other materials, a brick facade is also extremely easy to maintain. Other benefits of this natural product include:
• Resistance to high pressure and frost.
• Does not shrink or expand when the temperature changes.
• Can hold heat well and release it into its surroundings.
• Reusable or recyclable.
• Available in a wide range of colours and textures.
• Suitable for various styles and tastes.

Seven advantages of bricks

  1. A comfortable indoor climate
    Bricks are excellent in heat absorption, which means that a brick building will cool down more slowly in the winter. In summer, you can enjoy the opposite effect, as bricks prevent overheating. Brick facades are great for creating a comfortable indoor climate and it also helps to save energy.
  2. No maintenance
    Bricks require no maintenance and have a long-lasting beauty. In many instances a brick facade will only improve over the years, taking on an appearance known as the “patina”, which adds character and a unique charm.
  3. No deformation
    Whether it’s baking hot or freezing, face bricks always maintain their shape. They are also resistant to high pressure. Buildings with ten or more storeys are also easy to work with. They offer ample design freedom, both for clients and architects.
  4. Non-flammable
    Bricks are non-flammable and non-combustible, which is reducing the risk of fire damage. In the event that a fire does occur, there will be no release of toxic gases. Following a fire, a brick facade can often continue its supporting function in a renovated building.
  5. Flexible in use
    Bricks are available in a wide range of colours and textures, which is making them ideal for different styles and tastes. The versatile bricks can also be combined with other materials.
  6. Reusable and recyclable
    Brick is sustainable throughout its life. After demolition, bricks can be recycled or reused. Recycled bricks give a building an authentic appearance and character. After recycling, bricks can be used for various purposes – including as a filler and stabilisation material, on tennis courts, as aggregate for poured concrete and various other uses.
  7. Outstanding price-to-quality ratio
    Bricks within a fixed budget does not mean that you have to forgo the quality and aesthetics. By simply laying bricks in a creative pattern, you can create a high-end look. Bricks are offered in various price and design options, which is creating an outstanding price-to-quality ratio.

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