The basics of acoustic treatment

by Darren
The basics of acoustic treatment ALUGLASS

Aluglass Bautech explains how acoustic treatment works and gives practical advice to make spaces less noisy and more pleasant.

Treating sound can make a big difference at work, home or in public, but for a successful acoustic treatment, one first needs to understand sound. In this article, Aluglass Bautech explains how acoustic treatment works to make spaces less noisy and more pleasant.

The science in a nutshell
Sound moves in waves, like ripples on water, and can also bounce back. Loud sounds can be seen as a series of large waves careening towards you, while low sounds with longer frequencies are slower but determined, like the tide coming in. High-pitch sounds are like sudden splashes: Big and violent, but travelling short distances. These movements are what makes sound noisy, disruptive and uncomfortable.

Just as a sea wall or grid of dolos blocks can dampen the power of water, sound can be manipulated by using the correct materials on surfaces. In the discipline of room-acoustic treatment, understanding dynamics is key to getting the ambiance you desire.

Consider the room
Room-acoustic treatment varies from one space to another. While there may be many areas of overlap, no two rooms are quite the same.

The location of the room and thickness of the walls are very important factors. If the space is right next to a drilling operation, it won’t be easy to get rid of the noise. The shape of the room also influences how sound behaves. Often certain objects, such as phones or televisions, can be arranged to complement the room’s sound flow. Finally, hard surfaces like tiles and concrete will bounce back more sound than wood, plants or materials.

Absorb and diffuse
The two principles of room-acoustic treatment are to absorb and diffuse sound waves. This relates to how the energy and frequency of the sound are altered through the use of acoustic materials.

Some simple ways to dampen sound are through curtains, carpets and plants. But for a more controlled, aesthetic and contemporary solution, Aluglass Bautech offers a range of acoustic products such as:
•    Absorption panels.
•    Variflex mobile acoustic partitions.
•    Moveo motorised acoustic partitions.
•    Varikust doors.
•    GF Serene demountable, specialised acoustic glass.

Most of these options are complimentary and can be combined, like the GF Serene range with Variflex mobile acoustic partitions and Varikust acoustic doors. These are flexible, functional and come in a wide range of finishes.

Absorption panels can be mounted on the walls or ceilings, using calculations made specifically to the room’s layout and dimensions, and are also easy and quick to install.

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