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About two years ago, Planium’s design department began experimenting with induced natural oxidation processes starting from metals such as copper and brass. The brand has always worked with metals for floors and walls, and in the past, it has achieved particular chromatic and aesthetic stages dictated by oxidation (in the case of steel). Now creativity has given a new contribution to the colours and shapes that have been created.


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The brass project

There are many chromatic qualities that Planium’s design has managed to obtain from this precious metal, which, like the Phoenix, always reinvents itself. Planium presented a collection of tapestries at Design Week 2022, some of which come from the oxidation of brass. The project was born from an idea of the Turkish designer Işıl Çağatay and was then developed by the entire department.

The slabs of the Mavi and Mavi Calypso collections obtained from brass contain an amazing range of colours and even the “themes” and “scenographies” have great taste, sometimes echoing the Art Nouveau of the 1920s or other great strands of impressionist or still abstract art.


The collections

The two collections differ in size (Mavi: 1h x 2L in metres, Mavi Calypso: 48L x 197h in centimetres) and they all belong to the Metal-morphosis project, both having a decorative wall function. The Mavi Calypso, being tapestries, are also adaptable dividers. The main colours, in addition to the golden character with green notes that remain from the original metal, are shades of yellow: Ochre, honey, straw yellow, curry and beige. Some bluish traits derive from the oxidation of the copper contained in the brass. Going towards green, you find colours that are close to olive and lime. Even the Veronese green, the cinnabar, the hunter green and the pine green were the protagonists of the slabs, with somewhat “forest” themes due to the strong presence of these colours.

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