The art of personal interactive marketing

by Tania Wannenburg
The art of personal interactive marketing INSPIRE EXPO

The Inspire Trade Expo adds face-to-face personal interaction to digital and print marketing strategies.

In these tough economic times, deciding on marketing channels and getting brand exposure have never been harder. While content is the most important component, the focus is shifting to the context, which is vital in getting your message to the correct target market.

What’s more, technological advances allow us to communicate in a host of different ways without ever having to physically see our current or potential customers. However, the power of face-to-face marketing and personal interaction is more important than ever.

Get face time
For this reason, the Inspire Trade Expo is a strictly business-to-business (B2B) design, decor, office and architectural showcase aimed at the corporate, hospitality, procurement, retail and building industries. Being strictly B2B ensures that exhibitors get quality time with a highly targeted audience, face to face.

“Along with our strategic teams, we have coined the phrase personal interactive marketing (PIM), which we believe needs to be aligned to digital and print strategies, and added as a carefully planned extension rather than a stand-alone initiative,” explains Dave Nemeth from Trend Forward.

The key is to have a strong message across both digital and traditional media such as print, and by adding the third element of PIM, you can close the loop completely.

Building business
“This may be just one of the most important strategies you could have to get into the larger corporations and developments, as well as Africa. The number of show visitors from African companies also continues to increase and is a targeted focus area for us,” says the founder and chief executive officer, Rina Fortmann.

The Inspire Trade Expo will be held from the 1–3 June at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Inspire Trade Expo
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