The Art & Design of Concrete

by Darren
Lafarge Hydromedia Jnl 1 15

Introducing a range of products offered by a company that has a local as well as global reputation for being at the cutting-edge of technology and design implementations.

Lafarge South Africa, the local presence of the international Lafarge Group, a world leader in building materials, has a well-established reputation for providing the local construction industry with innovative products, solutions and services.

Lafarge South Africa’s Readymix concrete business is a national market leader and at the cutting edge of concrete technology. This is manifested in Lafarge’s Artevia decorative concrete range that offers extensive solutions for indoor and outdoor architectural and aesthetic requirements. While retaining all of concrete’s advantages, Artevia also offers beautiful design material with patterns, colours and textures that allow for unrestricted creativity. It can be moulded when fresh or pounded like stone when hardened to create unique textures.

In addition, Lafarge’s Artevia Exposed is a robust, exterior concrete that has the colour and texture of the aggregates exposed during the finishing process. Its gravelled finish also means it is slip-resistant and therefore ideal for extreme conditions.

Lafarge’s Artevia Colour, produced with an integral, UV-stable colour pigment, is a collection of concretes offered in a broad palette of tones – from soft or natural to bright or intense. As the concrete is coloured throughout, its colour will not fade or wear away.

Another range offered is Lafarge’s Hydromedia, which is a new, fast-draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs stormwater off streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways. Its advanced and engineered design offers superior drainage performance and a surface resilient to wear. Long-term maintenance and stormwater management costs are vastly reduced with no need for piping, catchment basins or infiltration galleries.

These unique ranges of product offerings from Lafarge South Africa clearly demonstrate the Group’s brand baseline of Building better cities, which reflects its ambition to contribute innovative products, solutions and services to create more sustainable, visually beautiful and desirable living environments for everyone.

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